Best Automatic Pet Feeders 2018 with Comparison Chart

Your dog or cat could be suffering all the time when you are not at home because it spends the whole day hoping against hope for food, and yet that is never forthcoming. As a pet owner, several days you’ve had to leave your pet with a friend to feed it when you’re out of town. Even worse, every morning your dog or cat wakes you up with cries for food. The best solution is to buy an automatic pet feeder.

The task to decide which one among the numerous pet feeders in the market is the best for your dog or cat can be very daunting and endless. That is when we come in. We have reviewed pet feeders and listed informed pros and cons to ensure you choose the feeder that is best for your dog or cat. Our goal is to help you decide which automatic pet feeder is the best suited for your little animal.

The list below is based on our ratings in the reviews. We have done a very intensive due diligence to come up with these recommendations. While we trust our very own judgement, you should check the full review of the product you’re interested in so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing. In the reviews, you may land on some pros and cons that we have not mentioned in this list, and if you are anything like me, even the little details matter too.

Best Overall Automatic Pet Feeder

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

feed and go smart automatic pet feederThis pet feeder has all the hallmarks of the 21st Century automatic pet feeder. You can control it from your mobile phone through a specially designed platform. It has a smart lock system that totally keeps cheeky pets away from locked food and a webcam that allows you to see your pet through your mobile device when you are not at home. The feeder connects to your Wi-Fi from which you can control it through any android or iOS device but it can work even without the internet connection in case your internet fluctuates every other time. The device allows you to record a message for your pet, which will play calling the pet to eat when it is feeding time. You can feed your pet up-to 6 meals a day, both dry and wet foods. This feeder is best suited for cats and small to medium-sized dogs. However, all the technological advancements come at a steep price.

Control it from any location on your mobile device.You need internet to control it while you are not at home.
Comes with 1 year warranty.Requires power backup in places with frequent outages.
Serves both wet and dry food.No mobile app, online access is through a browser.
Watch your pet through the webcam to ensure it eats.
Pet connects with you the whole day through your voice message.
Smart locking system protects food until feeding time.


Best Bung for your Buck Automatic Pet Feeder

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed

petsafe healthy pet simply feed automatic pet feederAt nearly half the price of our best overall product, this automatic pet feeder provides the best balance for any pet owner in terms of price and functionality. The pet feeder is best known for its consistency in the industry with very rare breakdowns. It’s well built in a sturdy body that is strong against any pet’s determination to break or interfere with food before feeding time. You can customize meals with high flexibility in this feeder, giving you’re the ability to schedule varied amounts of food per meal depending on your pet. For instance, a smaller portion of breakfast and larger portion of dinner, etc. Its feeding modes allow you to bring forward a meal when your pet is feeling really hungry before time. It can dispense upto 12 meals a day. This is best suited for cats to medium-sized dogs.

Serves both dry and semi-moist food.Programming is not very straightforward.
Slow feed mode dispenses food slowly over a 15-minute feeding period.AC power adapter bought separately.
Customization of meals is highly flexible.Chute is too close to eating bowl.
Strong and hard to break into by pets.


Best Low-cost Automatic Pet Feeder

PetSafe 5-meal Automatic Pet Feeder

petsafe 5 meal automatic pet feederThis 5-meal feeder comes in at a very affordable price for buyers who are on a tight budget but would still like the surety that their pet is fed when they are not around. With the ability to feed your pet up-to 5 meals a day, and even provide medication in between meals, this is the best low cost automatic pet feeder that we have reviewed. It is a very simple feeder with a quick-to-setup interface. The batteries last upto 6 months or more depending on frequency of usage. This is best suited for cats and small to medium-sized dogs.

Easy to setup and get going.Compartments with food are not very secure for determined pets.
Easily detachable feeding tray for ease of cleaning.Designed for dry food only.
Batteries last upto 6 months.Lightweight and can easily be overturned by a pet.



How to know when your pet (cat/dog) needs an electronic feeder

To be charged with the responsibility of being an ultimately accountable pet owner, a cat or a dog in this context, it takes more than just love. It takes great obligation, sacrifice in resource (both time and money) to see the task through. With the aid from nutritionists, veterinarians, behaviorists, pet groomers and many more parties with experience in this field you will be able to figure out how to communicate with your furry cronies. Research has shown time and again that most pet owners misinterpret and misunderstand pet communication. Take, for example; most people believe that tail wagging is a bidding to pet a dog more. An assumption which is wrong, according to Italian researchers, tail wagging to the right-hand side is as a result of a dog seeing a thing they like, alternatively to the left, is when faced with a thing they do not like and could like to get away. Amazed? Well, that is why I’m writing today. Amaze you with ways we can be able to understand our pets more especially when it comes to nourishing time.

Behavioral signs showing time is ripe to get that pet-feeder

  1. Wake up calls

No one will for sure appreciate waking up early every day to the face of that cute tiny guy sniffing all over their faces, especially after a long previous day’s work. Nobody would like to develop dark spots around their eyes due to their pet’s routine. Time is ripe to get a feeder; it will get the work done for you while you snore away the wee-hour sleep.

  1. Taking advantage of the misinformation

Moving on, is your pet manipulating the miss-communication between you guys as a family to its advantage? It is high time you got a pet feeder. Take for example you wake up early because you got that important issue at work to handle before the boss turns up, of course before leaving for work, you will have to feed your pet. Later on your husband, roomie or any other person applicable in this case, wakes up, your pet having already cleared its food, they think you most probably forgot, they too feed the pet. The cat or dog is enjoying extra rations thanks to your unorganized routine. The pet feeder is not going to make the same mistake.

  1. Inconvenience basis

Have you been declining and skipping your after-office biddings since you have to nourish your pet? Your colleagues, job mates and even other important people in your life organize events such as improvised dinners, an awesome after job get-together, how are you going to attend and stay over knowing very well that favorite little guy is starving back at home? You have to forgo one to tend to the other, the dinner of course. Avoid such inconveniences; it is time to get a pet feeder.

Medical reasons showing time is ripe to get that pet-feeder

  1. Unnecessary gain of weight

Your pet is gaining unnecessary weight, that cat used to graciously slid through the cat door but due to uncontrolled eating it does no more, or making the already bad situation worse, it has ruined the pet door, time is right to put your feline buddy on diet and get him/her back to shape. The best way to get this done in the shortest time possible, a pet feeder, without your supervision, your pet food ingestion is kept under check.

  1. More than one pet

Lastly, you have more than one pet. Let us say two cats or dogs. One of this pets has grown fatter than the other. Alternatively, one is skinnier. That should immediately alert you that one pet (the fatter one) is eating the Skinner one’s food. One of your pets is not philanthropic at all. Instead, it is bullying the other. The leaner pet is likely to suffer from malnutrition pretty soon, and you need to immediately if not super-fast, act and get this situation under control. Individual pet feeders are specifically meant and designed for this. They can allow the leaner pet access the food and deny access to the dominant one. These feeders are mostly set to detect collar tags and recognize which pet to feed and which not to.

Reasons to enable you to know it is the right time to get a pet feeder for your pet(s) do not just end here, there are more and more of them. Having given the common ones, I think they are enough to make you decide to get a pet feeder, with which you have assurance that day and night, your pet is well fed as per the desired requirements not only ensuring health for your pet but also long life for our life companions.