5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an Automatic Pet Feeder


Many pet owners opt to serve their pets best by purchasing them automatic pet feeder. An automatic pet feeder will release pet feed according to the time you have programmed it to. The biggest issue with many pet owners is that they have little knowledge of automatic pet feeders. As the adage goes, ignorance is no defense; you won’t have anyone to blame when you make the wrong choice of automatic pet feeder. Pet feeder machines come in different sizes, models, brands and features. You need to have a particular device in mind. To help you select the best feeder, here is a list of top five mistakes pet owners make when buying automatic pet feeder. This article will help you not fall prey to these errors.

  1. Price Doesn’t Dictate Quality

High price doesn’t always translate into high-quality automatic pet feeder. There are many high-priced feeders worth every penny. However, placing all expensive feeders in one bracket will be a terrible mistake. There are highly-priced feeders that will crumble within a few feeding times. Lowly priced feeders aren’t always of poor quality either. If a company can manufacture high-quality Automatic pet feeders under significant economies of scale, you would expect that these feeders will be reasonably priced.

Instead of using price as your criterion to gauge the best feeder machine, base your approach on positive reviews from users, quality of the materials used in the pet feeder and the warranty. Compare features from different automatic pet feeders too.

  1. Size of the Pellets

Most pet owners do not consider pellet size when purchasing an automatic pet feeder from the shop. They buy a feeder only to realize later that it produces pellets that are too large for their small kitten. Different pets can use automatic pet feeders including cats and dogs. While most of these machines are made for cats, some are fit for dogs. Dog food is larger in size that that of a cat. A cat will be comfortable with ¼” diameter pellets while a dog will require ½” diameter.

When buying an automatic pet feeder, consider the size of pellets fit for your pet, then opt for a machine that produces such pellets.

  1. Avoid Last Minute Purchases

Last minute purchases aren’t wise; they have never been advisable. It is not ideal to buy an automatic pet feeder at the last minute before a trip. It’s a machine, like any other. You need enough time to try and test it to see if it is fit for service. There are reasons why last minute purchase is not advisable:

  • You don’t know how long the batteries will last; hence, they may fail half-way the trip.
  • Since you aren’t used working with the machine, you might forget to pack the AC power adapter.
  • You need some time to learn to program the automatic feeder to ensure that it won’t skip a feeding cycle and starve your cat when you are away.
  • Cats are explorers. It might break into the feeder while on a trip and eat all the stored food. This might be cumbersome as you need to get it additional food.
  1. Versatility of the Pet

Another mistake that pet owners make is not considering the versatility of their pets. For instance, if you own a Siamese breed of cat, you need to buy a very compact and strong automatic feeder because Siamese cats are known to be very versatile. It will keep roughing up the feeder trying to get the food inside it. Consider the versatility of your pet to match to with a feeder.

  1. Warranty

Do you check warranty when purchasing items? Manufacturers know their products best. They won’t give a weak product a long warranty period to avoid related costs. However, they will be comfortable with a two-year warranty on a quality item whose chances of breakdown are minimal. Warranty in electronics speaks volumes. When purchasing a pet feeder, opt for one with at least a one-year warranty. This will guarantee you free repair and replacement if the item breaks down within the stipulated time.

These five points look simple, but carry loads of weight. These are the mistakes that other pet owners who bought pet feeder made. You don’t have to learn from your experience like they did. Purchasing the right pet feeder will not only be ideal for your dog but will also save you money and time. If you aren’t sure which pet feeder to purchase despite analyzing these points; talk to a friend or a specialist to advise you on the recommended brands. It is your duty to give your pet the best service; give it the right automatic pet feeder.