Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Review

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3.8/5 on March 15, 2017

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  1. Magnetic lock ensures tight lid to prevent food from pets.
  2. Bright LCD display makes it easy to set and view clock.
  3. See-through lid ensures you monitor quantity of food left in hopper easily.
  4. Easy to assemble and disassemble for easy cleaning.
  5. Feeds upto 4 meals a day in various portions allowing for flexibility.
  6. Control panel automatically locks after sometime to prevent pet interference.
  7. Audio recording feature allows you to record personal message for your pet.
  8. Comes with DC power cord and allows option for batteries as alternative backup.
  9. Large hopper carries a lot of food, capable of feeding upto moderately large dogs; or cats and medium sized dogs for a long period of time.


  1. Lack of manufacturer’s warranty means you are on your own if the feeder stops working for some reason.
  2. Unreliable because customers have complained in reviews that feeder totally stops working after a while.
  3. Prone to jamming more often than feeders of its kind especially with irregular kibble.
  4. Power off button at the bottom means you have to lift the feeder to switch off.
  5. User’s manual doesn’t cover all issues e.g. no information about 1-10 portions.


The feeder is very decent and modern. The hopper carries a lot of food making the feeder very appealing for somebody going on a long holiday. Most automatic pet feeders also suffer a lot of programming issues but not this one. The audio recording and magnetic lock are added extra touches that are indeed very welcome. However, because of the highlighted unreliability factor in the evaluation section, I’m unable to recommend this feeder. The fact that the manufacturing company does not provide warranty of any kind even stamps my decision further.

Product Overview

The following are the things you get in the box after purchase:

  1. 1 Automatic Pet Food Dispenser
  2. 1 DC power cord

Product Description


The Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder can be programmed to automatically feed your pet upto 4 meals in day.

Food type

The pet feeder allows for dry food only. No canned or wet foods can be dispensed with this feeder. Small and medium sized kibble is best preferred as large shapes can easily jam the feeder.


The Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder dishes out a meal spread out through 1-10 portions culminating in 1 full cup per meal. Every portion measures about 24ml of food.


Arf Pets can dispense upto a maximum of 4 meals through a period of 24 hours. When it’s full, the pet feeder carries upto 1.14 gallons (approx. 4.3 litres or 4.3 kilograms) of dry food and can dispense upto several days depending on set portions and meals per day.

Manual feeding

In case you want to feed the pet manually, you can do that by following the user manual which shows how to trigger manual feeding.

About the bowl

The plastic bowl is easily removable for cleaning and also seals the chute once it is in place therefore preventing cheeky pets from trying to steal food.

Audio Recording feature

The Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder allows you to record your voice and set it as the call-up tone. The pet will hear this voice calling them to eat when it is meal time.

Product Features

  • Dispenses meals upto 4 meals a day in 24-hour repeat schedules.
  • The hopper carries upto 4.3 kg of food when full.
  • Portions are spread out from 1-10, each portion being about 24 ml (24 grams).
  • Easy to read 24-hour LCD screen for programming and checking schedules.
  • Easy to disassemble parts for cleaning and assembling back.
  • Blue-lit LCD display clock for easy setup and programming.
  • Magnetic Lock ensures the lid is locked into place tightly to keep food safe.
  • Uses (3) D alkaline batteries.
  • Uses DC Power Supply: 5V1A power supply.
  • Comes with 5-foot (1.5 metre) long cord to connect to power.
  • Manual feeding allows parent to urgently feed/reward pet.
  • Material: ABS

How it works

The automatic pet feeder has a rotating paddle at the bottom of the hopper which moves the food into the opening where it is then dispensed to the feeding bowl.

The feeder generally uses the 24-hour clock system also referred to as the military clock; 4pm is 1600 hrs, 5pm is 1700 hrs and so on. With the Rec, Play, set, and up/down arrows you can set your feeding times.

The feeder displays 1-4 meals if no meal has been dispensed. When the first meal goes out, the feeder displays 2-4 meals showing the first meal is out and so on. You can set 4 meals if you wish, and the clock allows you to set the hour and minute with the minute only allowing 5-minute intervals. If you would like to set only 3 meals, set the fourth meal with zero and it will be skipped.

You need to select how many portions are dispensed per meal. There are from 1 to 10 portions and each portion is 24grams or 1/8 cup. You can set 4 portions (1/2 cup) for the first meal, then 8 portions (1 cup) for second meal, etc.

By pressing the REC button on the feeder, you can record the message calling your pet to eat and this will be played thrice as food is being dispensed to the bowl.


The Arf Pet automatic pet feeder has a beautiful design that cares too much not to be bulky or take up too much space. It’s a clean and modern design that will look decent anywhere within your house.

Setting up this feeder is quick and easy. Connect the power cord to the feeder and to a DC power outlet. At the bottom of the feeder is the button to switch the feeder on or off. Figure out the clock since the feeder uses the 24-hour clock system. Using the set, up/down buttons program your pet’s meal schedules. Kudos to the company for making the setup process very smooth.

The lid of the hopper is transparent allowing you to see through in order to track down how much food is left. The magnetic lock ensures a tight fitting of the lid to protect the food even when the pet accidentally rolls the feeder over however unlikely.

Easy assembling and disassembling of the feeder ensures that you can easily clean the feeder to maintain your pet’s hygiene levels.

The feeder comes with a power adapter, but the company incredibly provides a backup battery system to which you will buy 3 ‘D’ alkaline batteries that kick in if you experience any power outage.

Despite the easy setup and programming, magnetic lock, audio recording and functional LCD display, there are several cons to this feeder. The first one being how easily it jams.

There have been several complaints about the feeder jamming and incessantly refusing to work despite the customers trying different kibble. Over time, some customers have also complained that the feeder stops dispensing food for no apparent reason within 2-3 months of use, at which time the 30 day return policy for Amazon no longer applies. The issue with jamming of the Arf Pet feeder has also been widely addressed on other review sites with the recommendation being choosing round-shaped kibble to lessen the jamming occurrences. Triangular and irregular shapes are therefore not recommended. That unreliability has put the feeder at a disadvantage in this review, coupled with lack of warranty from the manufacturers. The customer support is fair however, and might be willing to send you a new unit and ask you to send back the old one for diagnosis.

What to watch out for:

  1. Strictly for dry foods. No canned or wet foods.
  2. Not for use outdoors. This feeder is recommended for indoor use only.

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