Observe These 10 Food Rules to Make Your Pet Happy


There are no specific feeding methods for pets. However, different feeds have unique implications for the pet. Even claim, and well-behaved dogs can be very aggressive when it comes to feeding. Dogs love food – it’s their natural instinct to search for food. Hence, dogs can and will eat anything edible that comes their way. […]

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Why Your Dog Eats Poop and How to Stop It


Of all the repulsive habits our canines have, it’s the poop-eating habit that hurts the most. They may not know how disgusting this habit is to us, but they don’t eat poop to irritate us either. Researchers have studied the behavioral and psychological/medical reasons why our canines eat poop and have come up with several […]

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an Automatic Pet Feeder


Many pet owners opt to serve their pets best by purchasing them automatic pet feeder. An automatic pet feeder will release pet feed according to the time you have programmed it to. The biggest issue with many pet owners is that they have little knowledge of automatic pet feeders. As the adage goes, ignorance is […]

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