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The Top Automatic Cat Feeder for Wet Food

More often than not, feeding your pet requires a good combo of food types. In most cases the foods will always be either dry or wet. There are so many automatic pet feeders that feed cats or dogs with dry foods. The real challenge is when you want to give your pet some wet food. There are many reasons why wet food is good for cats, but in some cases it will not even be your choice. Maybe your vet advises you to feed the pet with wet food for medical reasons, or you want to alternate between dry and wet foods for nutritional purposes. Having to remember that you need to do this can be an audacious task because we humans are always short on time. Sometimes you have to stay away from home longer than you thought. In the current age of automation, an automatic cat feeder for wet food will come in handy to give you that feeding balance you seek for your cat without all the hustles of always keeping track of all the feeding times and schedules.

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The challenge is in keeping wet food fresh

It is not very easy for cat owners to get an automatic cat feeder for wet food that is reliable to keep the food fresh for long enough. This is still a real problem, but there are a few cat feeders that are attempting to solve this situation and so far the attempts are very successful.

Some cat feeders come with inbuilt ice packs which help to keep the food cold. These ice packs would need to be frozen then used when you are ready to put the food in the dispensers. The ice packs will last for about 6 hours depending on the weather and where the feeder is placed. However, they are a good addition to an automatic cat feeder for wet food because they guarantee that food will stay fresh for long enough until your cat is ready to eat.

Things to Consider When Buying An Automatic Cat Feeder for Wet Food

1. Build Quality

A good automatic cat feeder for wet food needs to be extremely sturdy and of good build quality. If you have a very highly motivated cat, it may attempt to break into the feeder in the early days before it gets used to the device. A sturdy feeder ensures that the cat does not succeed breaking and stealing the food before time.

In addition, a good automatic cat feeder for wet food has to have a tight locking mechanism to help in keeping the wet food fresh for a longer period of time. If it allows air into the food easily then the food goes bad faster.

2. Feeding times

There are automatic cat feeders that do not give you all the flexibility you need when it comes to the feeding times and schedule. Be on the lookout for that as well. A good automatic cat feeder for wet food should give you some flexibility to schedule your own times.

For instance, if you want to feed your cat at 4am, then breakfast at 8am, then some lunch at 1pm, and an evening snack at 4pm before doing dinner at 10pm, you should be able to do that. These are random times but depending on your routine and that of your cat, you should set the schedule.

This is important because there are some cat food dispensers that come with predetermined feeding times. For instance they come with a preset schedule meaning you can only stick to that schedule. There are no chances to tweak it.

3. Number of meals

Some feeders can dispense only one meal. Others can dispense two meals, while there are a majority that dispense five meals in 24 hours. It is good to consider how many meals you want your pet to have while you are away. There are some pet owners who would like to schedule just one wet meal per day when they are away for work; so they buy an automatic cat feeder for wet food capable of dispensing one refrigerated meal every day.

If you are looking to schedule a couple of meals in addition to some wet food once or twice a day, then considering an automatic pet feeder that can do up-to five meals is better. You might also need to provide medication and treats in between meals while you are away. You can schedule some dry food, then some wet food for later and in between you give your cat with some nice treats or medication.

4. Battery life

We have found that automatic cat feeders that provide a backup battery option to be better than those that exclusively use electricity to run. This is because in the event of a power blackout or electricity goes off for some reason, the automatic cat feeder for wet food switches automatically to using the batteries without losing the programmed schedule.

However, if the cat food dispenser does not have a battery backup option, your cat will go through skipped meals until the electricity is back. If power goes off for more than a day it becomes torture for your lovely pet.

This generally means that an automatic cat feeder that uses batteries as its primary power source is much better than the one using electricity. What you need to check for in this case is the battery life of the automatic pet feeder

5. Warranty

Make sure that the brand you buy provides some sort of warranty or guarantee. In case your feeder is delivered with mechanical issues or breakage, having this guarantee ensures that you can get it replaced at a slight expense of one phone call to the company. It gives you some piece of mind knowing the quality is guaranteed.

Companies that provide warranty also tend to have very good quality automatic pet feeders. This is because they stand by the quality of their product.

6. Size of Bowl

Depending on the size of your cat or if you are getting this for your small to medium-size dog, consider the size of the bowl and what amount of food your cat is used to feed. However, if you are trying to regulate the feeding amount for your lovely pet because of weight or health reasons, smaller size bowls may be better suited for you.

Most automatic cat feeders for wet food come with bowl size of 1 cup per meal, however, there are some whose bowls are able to hold up-to 1.5 cups per meal. It depends on what you are trying to achieve with your cat. 1.5 cups is huge enough to feed two small cats or one medium-sized dog.

7. Noise

Get a feeder that does not operate noisily for your peace of mind. You don’t want to buy an automatic cat feeder for wet food which has a loud ticking timer or makes all kinds of sound during the dispensing of the food. Of course, the recorded voice calling your pet to eat is not part of what we are categorizing as noise.

Our Best Automatic Cat Feeder for Wet Food

1. Tdynasty Automatic Pet Feeder

The Tdynasty automatic cat feeder for wet food is the best we have reviewed in this wet food category. It functions perfectly for both dry and wet foods, but excels in how it handles wet food coupled with a set of features that it packs for its price.

This feeder is equipped with five compartments, each of them carry 8oz (1 cup) of food. You can program upto four meals at whatever schedule you would like to. This automatic cat feeder for wet food is sturdy in build and very airtight which allows it to keep refrigerated food fresh for as long as 12 hours. If you would like to squeeze more hours out of this feeder when you are going away for a longer period, completely freeze the wet food first before putting into the feeding trays. This way, you will be able to squeeze out upto 24 hours of fresh wet food for your cat.

One of the things making this feeder a bargain is that you can record a message for your cat, not longer than 10 seconds, inviting her to eat. This is not a common feature for automatic cat feeders of this size. The message will play 3 times during the feeding times.

With a touch-enabled control panel, this automatic cat feeder for wet food provides a blue back light LCD display that makes it very easy to set up meal times and forget about it. The device is powered by a DC adapter. However, another win for it is that it comes with a power backup option in the name of 4 “C” batteries that are not included in the package. When power is cut off, the auto pet feeder will automatically switch to use the batteries without losing the programmed feeding times or schedule. It continues to work like nothing happened. When the power comes back, it switches back to the DC adapter and stops using the batteries again without losing the programmed feeding schedules. This way no matter the state of power your cat continues to enjoy consistent feeding.

This cat food dispenser comes with a warranty of one year. The build is high quality. It is compact. The lid has a secure latching mechanism that keeps the cats away from the food until it is time for them to eat. The tray can be detached from the feeder and it is dishwasher safe ensuring hygienic standards for your cat. The device serves cats well and is also very suitable for small to medium-sized dogs.


  1. Easy to set up and get working.
  2. Tight latching mechanism keeps food secure from cheeky cats.
  3. Marketed as an automatic cat feeder for wet food and very efficient at keeping wet food fresh.
  4. Record a personal message for your cat calling them to eat.
  5. Suitable for both dry and wet foods.
  6. Power backup options mean the feeder can withstand power interruptions.
  7. Retains programmed feeding schedule even after interruptions by power.
  8. Easy to disassemble, clean and put back together.


  1. No inbuilt ice packs which could add a lot of advantage to the feeder.
  2. You can only schedule 4 meals since one compartment is open.
  3. Requires food to be frozen if you want it to last longer.

Other Great Automatic Cat Feeders for Wet Food

2. Cat Mate C500

Cat Mate 500 Pet Feeder


The Cat Mate C500 is more suitable for wet food thanks to its two inbuilt ice packs that help keep the food fresh for longer hours. This automatic cat feeder for wet food comes with five compartments allowing you to program up-to five meals for your cat. The meals can be scheduled as per normal feeding times from morning to lunch and dinner, overnight snack, and breakfast so that the cat does not disrupt your sleep.

The digital timer is easy to set up and use. Once you set the meals and the feeding times that is all you have to do. Luckily, the feeder only uses batteries. These 3XAA batteries are not included in package and you have to purchase them separately. However, they last for up-to 12 months.

After the all compartments are emptied of food, you can easily disassemble the feeder and wash the lid and bowls separately. They are all dishwasher safe.

The company provides great customer service giving you security for your money in case the feeder develops mechanical issues after you bought it. The warranty lasts for 3 years as a sign of proof of that. If your cat likes kicking things around, this feeder comes with a fastening mechanism that helps you to tie it on a stable board such that the cat won’t be able to throw it around.

This is one of the few automatic cat feeders that is marketed as a wet food feeder giving it an edge over most feeders. The twin ice packs last for a period of 12 to 15 hours. If you are going away for a longer period, freeze the food to be eaten latest so that it will have thawed but still remains fresh for when the feeding time arrives. We were able to squeeze 36 hours of fresh food out of this automatic cat feeder for wet food. Of note is that the compartments are large, holding up-to 1.5 cups of food (11.5oz) per compartment. This is enough food for two cats or a small to medium-size dog.


  1. This feeder operates very quietly. Hard to notice it at work. No noisy ticking timer.
  2. It is extremely easy to assemble.
  3. Works perfect for both wet and dry foods.
  4. The quality is very good for the price providing more value for money.
  5. It is one of the best for overnight food.
  6. Batteries last for 12 months.
  7. 3 year warranty guaranteed by the company.


  1. The compartments are not very airtight and could be better in retaining the cold.
  2. The ice packs only last for 12-15 hours.
  3. The LCD screen is quite dim.
  4. Extra ice packs are quite expensive.

3. PAWISE Automatic Pet Feeder

This automatic cat feeder for wet food allows you to set up-to 2 meals within a time period of 48 hours. It is easy to set up with a timer that is not essentially a clock but a countdown timer to the next meal.

Each compartment holds up-to 300 ml of food which is equivalent to 1.3 cups of food. Both compartments therefore hold a total of 600 ml of food enough for more than one small-medium sized cat to feed on.

This automatic cat feeder for wet food comes with a built-in ice pack that ensures that food lasts for long enough. Thankfully, since the timer can only run for 48 hours at a time, it is very easy to squeeze up-to 48 hours with wet food. To get the best use out of this timed cat feeder, you can freeze the food before putting it into the compartments. Additionally, put the feeder in a cool place since it can easily be affected by warm weather.

There is no specific information regarding the warranty, however, it is fair to mention that the Pawise customer service is very good. They were able to answer us quite fast. If you are not satisfied with the feeder, they will refund you after you return it.

This automatic cat feeder is dishwasher safe to ensure that your cat eats on a clean bowls and feeder. It is also a very safe and sturdy feeder so if you have a strong cat they won’t be able to break into this and steal food easily.

Each tray runs on a single AA battery which you have to buy separately. The downside to this feeder is that the battery is in use for as long as it is placed in the feeder. The cat feeder does not have an on/off button. Additionally, there is no warning when the battery runs out, so you will need to be checking every other day to ensure the device is running.


  1. Easy to setup and get running.
  2. Keeps wet food fresh for up-to 48 hours.
  3. Comes with inbuilt ice pack.
  4. Can be easily disassembled for washing; dishwasher safe.
  5. Very sturdy and reliable to keep food safe from cheeky cat.
  6. Good customer service and communication.
  7. You can buy just one compartment at a cheaper price.


  1. The ticking timer is noisy.
  2. You can only schedule two meals.
  3. Battery life can be unpredictable.

4.Cat Mate C20 2 Bowl Pet Feeder With Ice Pack

Cat Mate C 20 2 Pet Feeder
This automatic cat feeder can hold a total of 1 pound (450 grams OR 2 1/4 cups) of food in each compartment. Since it is a two compartment feeder, it holds a total of 2 pounds of food which is quite plenty for any cat or two pets. If you are in the market for an automatic cat feeder for wet food that will allow you to feed your cat one wet food meal early in the morning and another meal in the evening, this could be what you are looking for.

The device comes with one inbuilt ice pack that ensures the food in the compartments stays fresh for longer. You can buy additional ice packs. Some users were able to get 48 hours of fresh food if the food was frozen before being placed inside the feeder. However, we recommend 36 hours as a maximum because the device is also affected by external weather. If it is not in a cool place, the food might go bad faster. The timer allows you to set two meals for your cat allowing for a duration of up-to 48 hours. It is suitable for both dry and wet food.

Also, the food trays can be kept in the refrigerator with the food and then put in the feeder when you are ready to leave. We saw that refrigerating one meal that will be eaten first and freezing the meal to be eaten last allowed the food to be fresh for long enough.

The inbuilt ice pack for this automatic cat feeder for wet food lasts 6 hours. However, if the food was frozen before placing it in the compartments, it still manages to be extremely cool above room temperature by the time 24 hours are over.

The timer works in countdown mode, from the time you set it will count until zero opening each of the lids at the required times so your cat can eat. It is a quality build and very hard for a cheeky pet to break in and steal the food.

The feeder has a 3-year warranty to ensure that you don’t need to worry about the quality of what you are buying.

Generally, this automatic cat feeder for wet food is perfect if:

a) you are looking for another feeder to complement the one you have that cannot be used for wet food.

b) you are taking care of two pets and would like to separately feed them without spending on a feeder for each of them.

c) you want to feed your cat dry and wet food once every day. This allows you to set one compartment for dry food and another for wet food, allowing you to give your pet both wet and dry food without inconveniences.


  1. Keeps wet food fresh for up-to 48 hours.
  2. Easy to assemble and set up.
  3. Can be easily cleaned; dishwasher safe.
  4. Works great as a complementary automatic cat feeder for wet food.
  5. Works quietly in the background.
  6. A single alkaline AA battery works for up-to 1 year.


  1. You can only schedule two meals.
  2. During summer or hot weather, food may not last fresh for long because of high external temperature.



As you can see, there are some very good options available on the market to help eliminate some of your daily hassles as a pet owner. In a world where technology is evolving at a rapid pace, it is only smart to leverage automation to make more efficient use of your time. Automatic pet feeders come in different shapes and sizes, but more importantly – with varying features and functionalities. Whether your requirements are for multiple meal storage space, efficient & low noise operation or freezing capabilities: The right feeder is out there.

Now you know all about the best wet feeders for your cat! It is most important that you choose one that is the right fit for you and your lovely pet – you should read over all of the pros and cons for each feeder again to help inform your decision. Wet food feeding is more cumbersome than dry food feeding due to the need to maintain the freshness of the food. However, the benefits of wet food for your cat should not be ignored and having a feeding device is a great way of ensuring your feline gets to eat at a consistent time, with minimal hassle for yourself. Eating at a consistent time means that your cat’s nutrition is spread out evenly and prevents any accidental over or under feeds! You can say goodbye to your cat bothering you for feeding at ungodly hours – owning a feeder will mean your cat no longer relies on you for feeding! There is something for every budget and the great options we have tested will hopefully fulfil your needs.

You should consider how much functionality you need and the what you need a feeding device for. Are you going away? Trying to change your cat’s feeding habits? Or guilty of feeding more than you should? We tested these pet feeders so that you don’t have to, meaning you can put your mind at ease when trying to decide which device to purchase. Use our seven criteria to help decide which features are most important to you! An automatic feeder should also be paired with a food that your cat loves – make sure your cat is used to its food before you make the switch – this will help avoid any confusion for your cat, and make it easier for your cat to transition from relying on you to the feeder for its food.