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10 Best Cat Names Ever

The first thing you do when you adopt your kitten is him or her. Sometimes you want a name that depicts your cat’s personality. Other times you want a name that makes your cat special and stands out among others. In the 1960s, cats were called names according to their physical appearances; Blackie, and Tiger common cat names then. Today, things have significantly changed. Kittens are given the names issued to children. This is a sign of how modern people love their cats.

An interview with veterinarians and pet insurance provider revealed some of the best names given to male cats. It also was found that these names don’t just come about from nowhere. They have meanings that associated with the personalities of the cats. Here is a complete guide to the best five male and female cat names.

5 Best Male Cat Names

  1. Max

Max is a cute name, isn’t it? Max is a name reserved for cute kittens. These cats are usually a happy lot who like being groomed and petted and are fun-loving. Max’s are true companions who can keep their anger and aggression in check. The name Max originated from Latin and meant a large spring or Salmon basin.

  1. Oliver

Oliver is a French name meaning the Elf Army or a symbol of peace. Sometimes shortened to Ollie, Oliver’s are beautiful cats that are love playing. They also love chewing and are keen to try out new things.

  1. Charlie

Charlie joins the list of the best ten cat names as it is in every cat breed, size, and shape. Most “Charlie’s” are friendly, playful and warm-hearted. They love the fetching game and are good chewers. With a Charlie in your house, he will keep you busy all day. The name Charlie means a robust and masculine man with German origin.

  1. Oreo

Though common, Oreo is a cute male name used with both black and white cats. Most Oreo’s love attention and have a well-laid-back disposition. With an Oreo in your house, be sure to keep him entertained otherwise you will find him sleeping on your books, clothes or newspaper just to seek attention. With an English origin, Oreo means a sweet treat of black and white cookie.

  1. Chester

If you want to name your kitten Chester, ensure that he loves and enjoys every minute he spends in this world. Most Chester’s are calm just as their name suggests. They lead a comfortable life. They won’t keep crossing your way when in the house and neither will they get involved in confrontations with you. Chester name has English origin meaning comfy.

5 Best Female Cat Names

Just like we have beautiful male names, there are beautiful female names for your precious kitten. According to research on pet insurance policy holders, the best female cat names include:

  1. Chloe

Chloe cats are the type of cat you would love in your house. They love and possess loyal personalities. The name is given to larger breeds of cats. They will make you feel loved but can also be carefree at times. Chloe is of Greek origin meaning fresh young blossom.

  1. Lily

Lily cats are beautiful, agile and dainty. Lily cats are highly mobile and exploratory. They will explore your house while jumping from an object to another. Lily cats have been seen to be bonded with women. The name Lily has a Latin origin meaning a beautiful flower. With a Lily in your house, you are assured of entertainment from this furry friend.

  1. Bella

If you want loyalty as a reward for your good care, Bella is your cat. Bella cats are pretty and usually small in size. They are graceful and agile. Due to their un-waivered loyalty to the lady of the house, these cats are usually spoiled with niceties by their owners. Bella cats love being groomed, petted, nail painted and dressed up. The name Bella has its origin in Italy, and it means beautiful.

  1. Molly

Molly’s are sweet and gentle natured. The name Molly is used for cats with different sizes and shapes. They are pretty, trusting and trustworthy. They are quiet and independent. They are exploratory as they move from place to place within the house. Molly is an English name with Hebrew origin meaning wished for a child.

  1. Princess

Just like their name suggests, these cats are real Princesses. You will identify them as they like looking pretty. They are small in size and like being dressed. You will see them in bandanas, collar and pink clothes. Princess name has an English origin meaning the Royal daughter.

Are you looking for the best cat names ever? Now you have a list of ten names to choose from. Cat names are sweet and lovely; just like the animals. Many cat names are associated with the personality of the cat. If you have a feminine cat, Molly, Princess, Chloe or Bella will be good. If yours is a male kitten, Oreo, Charlie or Max will do wonders.