The 5 Best Cat Foods for Urinary Tract Health to Buy in 2021


Being a cat owner, you might be aware of the significance of a balanced diet for your pet. A healthy and nutritious diet can protect your cat from a wide genre of diseases and health complications. Among all, urinary tract infections caused by stones are the most common disease found in feline animals.

The bladder stones are firm structures that get deposited inside the urinary bladder and cause its blockage. As a result, your pet experiences a painful burning sensation while passing the urine. Feeding your cat food that is specially formulated for urinary tract health can limit the formation of bladder stones.

Thankfully, numerous cat foods are now available in the market that prevents the occurrence of urinary tract issues in cats.

How to Know if Your Cat Has Urinary Tract Problems

Knowing your cat is suffering from a urinary tract problem is essential to eliminate its root cause. Since cats are unable to tell their problems by themselves, Poor Creatures! You have to look for the following signs in them to know if they have a UIT infection:

  • The first obvious sign to notice in the cat for a UTI disorder is the appearance of blood in your cat’s urine.
  • Showing discomfort while urinating is another signal that indicates the occurrence of bladder stones in cats.
  • If your pet licks his/her urethral area more than usual, then this may be a sign of a possible infection.
  • Lastly, bladder stones also induce loss of appetite in cats. Therefore, if your cat is not eating properly, it’s high time to visit the vet or change the cat’s diet.

The 3 Best Cat Foods for Urinary Tract Health

Obviously, you don’t want to wait for your cat to suffer from any UTI until you take an action. So, it’s better to take some preliminary measures to ensure your pet’s wellbeing. To do so, buying cat food that promises to protect your cat from future urinary tract infections is the best idea.

Luckily, many cat foods can help your little fellow from getting a urethral infection and keeping things smooth.

Below, we have picked the five best cat foods for Urinary tract infections, which will make your and your’s pet life a lot easier.

1. Avoderm Indoor Weight Support – Best wet cat food for weight loss and Urinary Tract Health

The first one in our list of best cat foods for Urinary tract health is the Avoderm Indoor Weight support cat food. The cats suffering from UTI need an ample amount of water, and hence this wet cat food makes an ideal feed for such cats.

In addition to the urethral issues, obesity among cats is another health concern that shouldn’t be neglected at any cost. For this, Avoderm is the best wet cat food for weight loss as it is packed with premium proteins and natural fibers from peas, bran, and oatmeal.

Key Benefits

  • It is free from artificial flavors.
  • High water content to minimize stone formation in the urinary bladder
  • The wet cat food contains antioxidants to fight off immunity disorders.
  • Rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which helps to maintain a shiny coat
  • The cat food is highly digestible making it an ideal choice for cats with sensitive guts.
  • Packed with lean proteins for healthy weight maintenance

2. Wysong Uretic Natural Food – Best Dry Cat Food for Urological Disorders

Formulated with healthy nutrients, Wysong Uretic is the best dry cat food to protect the felines from urological problems. The food is enriched with antioxidants to kill the harmful microbes present in the stomach of a cat. Also, the fatty acids present in the product guarantees them a smooth and shiny fur coat.

It is highly suitable for cats with selective eating habits and sensitive stomachs. Another feature adding value to this healthy cat food is that it contains a low-fat content making it a great food for promoting weight loss in cats. From small kittens to seniors, this dry formula is palatable for every feline in the house.

Key Benefits

  • Free from all artificial fillers
  • It doesn’t contain magnesium and hence inhibits depositions in the Urinary tract.
  • Filled with micronutrients to ensure wholesome nutrition in cats
  • Maintains a healthy pH to prevent crystal formation in the bladder
  • Rich in vitamins and proteins
  • 5% fiber avoids constipation problems
  • Suitable for all breeds of cats

3. Royal Canin Canned Cat Food – Best for Kidney Stones

Royal Canin Cat food is here in the list of best cat foods for urinary tract health for all the right reasons. The food is specifically formulated to cater to the needs of cats with urethral problems. It consists of a significant moisture content that increases the urine output of your cat, thereby promoting a healthy excretion activity.

The advanced cat food formula dissolves the calcium and magnesium salts and prevents the deposition of kidney stones. While the food encourages healthy peeing activities in cats, it also retains and absorbs certain ions in the blood. This is useful in reducing mineral loss via urine.

Key Benefits

  • Limits the deposition of the calcium salts stones
  • High water content inhibits stone formation and increases urine output.
  • Rich in protein making the food extremely delicious for cats
  • Healthy iron levels keep the cats at their full energy
  • Fish oils maintain a healthy coat and prevent shedding

4. Ziwi Peak Canned Cat Food – Best for Cats with Sensitive Stomachs

Have you ever rejected a great cat food solely because it contained grains – and your cat has a super sensitive stomach? If you are nodding your head in agreement, then the Ziwi peak canned food is the perfect fit for your cat.

The Ziwi cat food is specially designed with no grains – no preservatives formula to support the nutrition of cats with a low tolerance for allergens. As the food is practically grain-free, it has low mineral content. This feature makes it appropriate for cats with UTI as well.

Key Benefits

  • Stacked with the benefits of promoting joint health due to the presence of chondroitin, glucosamine, and Green mussels.
  • It is wet cat food and protects the cat from crystal formation in the kidneys.
  • Free from artificial preservatives
  • The cat food is nutrient-dense to give a sense of fulfillment to the cat and, hence maintains a healthy weight.

5. Blue Buffalo Dry Cat food – Best for Weight Loss and UTI in Senior Cats

If you are searching for cat food formulated only for adult cats, the blue Buffalo Dry cat food is here to end your search. The food is both recommended for weight management and ensuring a healthy urinary system of cats. Weight management is particularly important for senior cats as they are more prone to diabetics and other health-related risks.

The food features only 11% fat to control the cat from gaining extra pounds. Moreover, it contains a high fiber amount to make cats fuller and avoids constipation.

Key Benefits

  • Made with real chicken
  • Highly suitable for sensitive tummies
  • Free from grains and allergens
  • Low calories for inducing healthy weight loss in cats
  • Flaxseed helps in the maintenance of healthy skin coats.

3 Things to Look for in a Cat Food for Urinary Tract Health

Before selecting a particular food for your cat’s urinary tract health, it is important to take care of the following factors:

  • Wet Food Vs. Dry Food

As the name suggests, wet food contains a significant amount of water that helps to keep your cat well hydrated throughout the day. Proper hydration is necessary for diluting the urine. It also prevents the formation of stones in the urethra making urination easier for cats. Therefore, to maintain urinary tract health in cats, wet cat food must be preferred.

While dry food doesn’t have plenty of water, it must be given to the cat with adequate water available next to the dry food.

  • Mineral Content

The best cat food for urethral health must be low in certain minerals like magnesium and calcium. As the minerals get easily deposited inside the bladder and give rise to bladder stones.

  • Check the Ingredients!

According to certain sources, cat food formulated from fish is the leading cause behind the development of bladder stones. Therefore, you should choose cat food having beef or chicken as the primary ingredient.

End Note

In the end, whatever cat food you buy for your cute little friend, make sure it fulfills the overall health requirements of your pet.  That is, it shouldn’t target a single aspect of his/her health rather; it should provide complete nourishment to your cat.

Generally, wet cat food is preferred for keeping the digestive and urinary tract problems in cats at bay. In addition to the food, make sure the cat consumes an adequate amount of water. Observe your cat and consult the vet immediately upon noticing any symptoms of discomfort.