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Best Cat Toys For Indoor Cats: Keep Your Lovely Cat Playful And Healthy

Cats are lovely creatures indeed! They are cute, cuddly, furry, playful and naughty, a perfect combination of all these traits! If you are a cat parent, you know how jumpy these felines are in the house. It doesn’t matter whether the cats are indoor or outdoor; they would play and run around in the house, fiddling with items in the house, furniture and creating all sorts of mischief. And, this is what makes it fun to have these furry, cute creatures as pets. They keep the environment around them playful and youthful!

Cats just have two modes: Either they are creating mischief or they are cuddled up lazily in their cat caves or corner of the house. There is nothing in-between!

Isn’t there a very special connection that you as cat parent feel with your furry little kitty? It’s almost as if an unbreakable bond develops between the cat and it’s cat parent almost instantly. But with that bond also comes a responsibility. It’s your duty to take care of the health and well-being of your little kitten. You need to ensure that the cat is physically active and that her natural instincts have an outlet! Also, wouldn’t it be nice to watch your cat play in the house? Or, how about the two of you enjoying some play time together with some stimulating toys?
Now, the question is, how to do that?

The mental, as well as the physical health of the cats, is essential. You must keep a check on your furry little pet and check for little signs that indicate it’s mood. Are you noticing any lethargic behavior in your cat? Do you find your feline damaging household items or showing too much aggression all of a sudden? If yes, there are high chances that your feline is feeling a sense of depression, or basically, is bored!

To make your kitty happy and lively again, you need to ensure her environment is stimulating and interactive. Interactive cat toys for indoor cats are a great and fun way to keep them occupied and happy. Playing with the best cat toys would make them feel alive and bring out their natural hunting instincts. This is healthy for their mental as well as physical well-being. Check out this list of best cat toys for indoor cats we’ve put together below that are known to stimulate significant interaction for the cats, and encouraging healthy development!

Considerations When Buying Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

It is necessary that your feline friend likes the toy that you buy. Therefore, make sure that you consider the things that your cat likes or doesn’t like before buying a cat toy for an indoor cat. To help you, we’ve noted down some important factors to consider before purchasing the perfect toys for your furry pet.

1. Your cat’s health

This is one of the most important factors while choosing a toy for your pet. Make sure you consult a veterinarian and get your pet inspected. Find out if your kitty is of the average and normal weight. By doing this, you will have a better idea as to what your cat needs and the amount of exercise that is required. It will help you choose the best cat toy. A regular veterenarian visit with your kitten is advisable – chances are you’ve been putting it off for a while now and should schedule a check up soon anyway.

If your cat is overweight, try getting her a toy which will encourage her to move around the house. This will help keep the pet healthy and occupied throughout the day. Moreover, your cat will also lose weight during the process.

Even if your cat is fit and healthy, make sure you get a toy which at least encourages some sort of movement throughout the day. Otherwise, your feline friend will just end up getting lazy and fat 🙂

2. Age of the cat

The age of your furry animal also matters. You need to know how old your pet is. A younger cat will have more energy compared to an older counterpart, make sure you get a toy with which they will be able to utilize their energy and stay active throughout the day. This will also provide the younger cat with the right amount of exercise and movement that they need at a younger age. However, if your pet is not satisfied with the toy, it will be difficult for her to redirect her energy elsewhere. The best cat toys featured in this guide will help shape a young kittens instincts and sharpen its senses.

On the other hand, older cats will face more difficulties in adapting to indoor toys that will require more strength and energy. If your pet is ageing, get her a toy which keeps her satisfied and occupied for the most part of the day. Make sure you do not get her something which will involve a lot of movement or strength. However, the cat will need some sort of movement during the day to ensure that she does not become lazy and drowsy.

3. The personality of your feline pet

Your cat will have her own set of behavioural patterns and quirks. Therefore, it is essential to get her the ideal cat toy for indoor cats that matches her character. A younger cat might not have so many quirks. However, one will have to cater to the requirements and get a toy which is as per the personality of their cat. This will help them in keeping themselves engaged throughout the day. Moreover, it is essential to ensure that an older cat does not get bored quickly.

Therefore, make sure you keep in mind the type of cat that you have before buying a toy for her. Cats are like humans, and some cats are really into the aesthetics of the toy. Therefore, a lot of thought goes into designing toys, especially for cats. So, make sure you try your cat with a few different types of toys. Toys which vary in shapes, sizes, colors, etc. to find out what your furry pet prefers. The part of the house where your cat stays the most also makes a significant difference.

Also, if your pet is born with a impairment that might limit the use of their senses, then there are specially made toys for such cats. The owner must address these issues so that the cat has a good time playing with the toy.

4. Amount of space and the material

Once you have considered the personality and characteristics of your pet, do not forget to consider the space. Purchase the cat toys for indoor cats which can be easily accommodated in the house. If you buy a toy that your pet loves, but there is not enough space inside the house, there is no point in purchasing it. Make sure that there is enough space in the room for you and your cat to move around quickly.

The material of the toy also matters greatly. Just like humans, even felines can develop allergies. Therefore, it is essential to check what material was used to make the toy that you want to buy. Pick up something that your cat will love, but at the same time, the material of the toy should not irritate her or other members in the house. Good

5. Budget

Every owner wants to provide the best toys, food, and futher the luxuries to their lovely felines. However, most owners might not be able to provide it all. Therefore, it is crucial that you take look at the price tags before purchasing the best cat toys. Set a budget before you go shopping and make sure you always stick to your budget.

However, while sticking to your budget and saving on your expenses, make sure you do not buy something that your cat will not enjoy or something that is of bad quality and break fast. If you do your research right, you will be able to find the right toys for your indoor cat that fits the budget. The rule of thumb here is: Make your feline friend happy, without burning a hole in your pocket.

The Best Cat Toy For Indoor Cats

1.Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy is one of the best cat toys for indoor cats available in the market. The toy can provide hours on entertainment to the feline. It has a simple design with a textured scratch pad at the center. This is surrounded by a plastic track which has a small plastic ball. Your cat can exercise, keep themselves engaged as well as have fun with the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy. Another great benefit of the toy is that it can be placed anywhere in the house.

The toy is especially suitable for indoor cats as your pet will not need to utilize their hunting skills. Moreover, your furniture in the house will also be safe. The toy is liked by multiple owners, and it is a product that your pet will never get tired of. Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy also comes with a bag full of catnips. Most cats love catnips, so, you can sprinkle this on the scratch pad which is in the center. This interactive cat toy will keep your pet busy, but most importantly, it will fulfill the pet’s needs of scratching something for the majority of the day.

The product has a replaceable circular track in the center which is of 16 inches. This track is made with high-quality BPA-free plastic, and it is free of edges from all sides. The product is also available in multiple colors. Add this exciting and affordable toy to your cat’s collection and see how she keeps herself engaged throughout the day.


  1. The ball can be replaced
  2. Even the central scratch pad is replaceable
  3. Made of high-quality material
  4. The product includes catnip spray, scratcher pad, toy, and the ball


  1. Since the ball is removable, there is a risk that pet might eat it

Other Great Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

2.Petstages Tower Of Tracks Cat Toy

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy is one of the ideal toys for an indoor cat. The product has three circular levels. Every level in the toy has a separate ball which is of a different color from the rest. The toy is one of the best cat toys that is preferred by multiple cat owners as it improves the cat’s instincts and keeps the pet engaged throughout the day.

The toy is inexpensive, but it still has attractive colors which many indoor cats love. It stimulates them physically as well as mentally. This toy is also made up of BPA-free plastic, which is highly durable. When it comes to cat toys for indoor cats, Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy has one of the best designs. The toy is around 0.6 pounds and has a dimension of 9.75” x 9.75” x 6”. However, make sure you buy Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy only if your pet is not partially blind or shorter than 20 inches. The ball is not removable, and it rotates around the track whenever the cat pats it. This also means that the cat will not lose the ball. The movement of the ball keeps the cat engaged. Also, your pet will be able to play with the ball easily as the toy has a base which is not slippery.

There was an older model which had issues in which felines got the head stuck in the toy multiple times. To resolve this issue, the latest version includes a closed top so that the cat can play with it without any issues. There are multi-colored balls included in the pack, and the track is of a standard orange color.

The attractive colors, structure, and interesting tracks can provide an excellent solution for cats to keep themselves occupied. Even multiple cats can use a single indoor toy.


  1. Improves physical and mental stimulation
  2. The toy is safe to use with a non-slippery base and a closed top
  3. The bright and multi-colored balls attract the feline
  4. It is affordable


  1. The toy is not suitable for older cats
  2. It can be easily knocked over

3.Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy

The manufacturers of the product have claimed that the toy has been tested by over 8 million cats from all around the globe. Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy is made out of spring steel wire, and it is one of the most popular cat toys for indoor cats. The toy also has tubes of rolled cardboard which creates an exciting and attractive effect for the cats. It creates a moving lure which most cats can’t resist and can play with continuously for more extended periods. Most felines are attracted to it because of the varying amount of energy that one puts in for twitching the wire.

The toy can be a great addition to your cat’s collection as it is affordable and engaging. The toy has a 16.5-inch Poly-plastic wand with a wand fleece which makes a wonderful twirling pattern of 50 inches. The fabric used to make it is durable and can easily survive biting, tugging as well as stretching. The wand is attached to a stretchable fleece, which makes it easy and safe to use. Most owners have claimed that their felines have loved the indoor toy to play with their pet. Moreover, it is quite affordable. So, if you are looking for a simple toy to play with your pet, Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy is the ideal product.


  1. The toy is affordable
  2. It has a safe design
  3. A tempting lure is provided by the rolled cardboard
  4. An extremely durable material used for the fleece
  5. It also has an exciting rainbow pattern



  1. The toy is not suited for older cats as it involves quite a lot of movement

4.Our Pets Play-N-Squeak Backyard Cat Toy

Our Pets Play-N-Squeak Backyard Cat Toy is one of the best electronic cat toys for indoor cats. The toy mainly grabs the cat’s attention with an electronic sound. It also has a fluffy bird exterior which many cats like. The toy with catnips is the perfect solution to your cat’s hunting requirements without actually hurting any creature. The toy makes a real chirping sound like a bird. This indoor toy is one of the favorites of many cats due to the electronic sound, features, and the catnip scent.

Such toys can help the feline in reducing boredom, stress as well as anxiety. Moreover, cats who stay inside for most of the time, go through extreme boredom. They aren’t able to fulfill their hunting requirements either. Therefore, Our Pets Play-N-Squeak Backyard Cat Toy can help the cat in multiple ways. Our Pets Play-N-Squeak Backyard Cat Toy has a very reasonable price, which makes it one of the best options for young cats who are fond of hunting.


  1. Tactile feel
  2. Helps the instincts of cats
  3. Realistic mouse-like sound
  4. It has an excellent catnip scent
  5. It is affordable


  1. The toy is not for cats who are not fond of hunting
  2. It can be easily destroyed

5.Friends Forever Laser Cat Toy

Cats love jumping and playing around, running across the entire space available to them! Friends Forever Cat Laser Toy is undoubtedly amongst the best cat toys because of its highly attractive features. You can keep your feline entertained for a long time with this cat toy. Not just that, playing around the house and running around would ensure that your kitty stays healthy and happy throughout the day. The toy contains an attention-grabbing pointer that is diamond in shape.  

The pointer is located on the top and is designed in such a way that it rotates regularly. Upon rotating, the pointer casts the laser randomly, in directions that are unpredictable by the cat! This makes it a fascinating game for the feline to enjoy.

There are three different settings available in the toy. These settings can be used to adjust the difficulty level or the challenging level for the cat. You can start with a basic, slow setting for the cat to understand the toy and start acting to it. Once trained, make it a fast setting. And, for ultimate fun, go for the randomized setting.

Friends Forever Cat Laser Toy is packed with attractive features! It also has an in-built timer that runs automatically. It shuts off on its own after 15 minutes of activity. Thus, making sure that your furry pet doesn’t get over-stimulated or extra tired by playing for too long. The times, in addition, makes it a hands-free laser type of toy for the cat to enjoy.

Being battery operated, there are no cables for this beautiful cat toy. Thus, no trip hazards can be caused! This laser toy will make your cat use its senses and teach her to focus better, making the ‘prey’ instincts better.


  1. The toy is completely operated on battery. Thus, there are no chances of cable trip hazard; making it completely safe.
  2. The 15-minute automatic timer prevents the cat from getting over-stimulated or tired.
  3. The toy gives a complete hands-free experience with automatic features.
  4. The laser beam goes 360 degrees, making it an amazing experience for the cat.


  1. When too excited, cats tend to knock the toy over.
  2. The toy casts beams only on the floor; a little less diverse in comparison.


As cat parents, you certainly wish to keep your kitty in best health and fitness. Thus, do something to keep your feline mentally and physically well-stimulated. Let their natural hunter instincts and active nature come out from time to time in the right ways. Give them the right cat toys to play with and develop their instincts healthily. It is important to keep them healthy and happy in the house! To keep your felines entertained and well stimulated, buy a few interactive cat toys for indoor cats! And, if there are times that your furry pet is left alone at home, it becomes even more essential to leave something fun behind so that she can enjoy by herself.

Whether it is cat trees, mice toys, springs or something else, make sure you have a few in your house if you own a cat! There are a few toys which the feline can enjoy with, all by herself. And, there are a few for which your involvement would be needed too. Spend some quality time with your furry friend with amazing cat toys. Make it purr-fect for your feline y keeping her playful, happy and busy indoors!