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Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Having a little feline as your pet is certainly a lovely feeling. Having those tiny paws following you around the house, playing around the entire place gives a really joyous feeling. Felines are certainly one of the cutest pets one could have as companions. If you have one too, you would agree with these statements without a doubt. All their habits are lovely and cute in their own way. Whether we talk about the way they eat, cuddle up beside you or play with their little cat toys, there is a charm in everything these little ones do. However, there are unpleasant activities that accompany these furry little pets.

It is a fact that everyone poops, be it us, dogs or little cats. Removing waste from the body is a common biological process for all and can’t be avoided. If you have a little feline to take care of, cleaning off her litter box might be the most unpleasant thing that you, as a cat parent would have to do. Thus, it would be a really great and helpful idea to own a self-cleaning litter box instead to ease out your troubles.

Having a self-cleaning litter box for the cat would mean that you don’t really have to do anything to clean your cat’s poop. The ideal self-cleaning litter boxes have very effective cleaning mechanisms which ensure that your house is smelling fresh and pleasant at all times, and the atmosphere isn’t affected by the feline.

Deciding on a self-cleaning litter box might get a bit confusing as all of them would probably promise the same functionality and quality. To help you out, here’s a list of our best picks for you. All the products mentioned below are well-researched and reviewed to help you make the best choice quickly. You need to understand the aspects that you need to keep in mind while picking a self-cleaning litter box for your feline. Check out our best picks and make the pick that suits you best for your furry little feline.

Considerations When Buying The Best Self Cleaning Litter Box

As interesting as it is, having a pet also brings a lot of challenges. One of them is definitely cleaning the litter box once your feline is done. So, as technology is advancing, there are new and better methods coming up. There are self-cleaning litter boxes which can do wonders for the owner. However, make sure you are picking the right box so that yours, as well as your cat’s task, is easy and quick. Here are a few things that one should consider before buying a self-cleaning litter box.

Easy to use

A self-cleaning litter box will surely ease your task. However, if you buy a product which you don’t really know how to use, it will be just money down the drain. So, make sure that the product that you buy is easy to use. Even if you are not familiar with the usage of the litter box, ensure that the instructions are pretty clear and understandable.

Before actually deciding a model, make sure that you are comfortable with the brand. Also, learn and understand through online tutorials or manufacturer’s instructions regarding the usage of the item. Even if you are buying the litter box online, try to go through multiple guides and tutorials to ease out the process for you. By doing this, you will be sure of the product that you are purchasing. More importantly, you will know how to use the self-cleaning litter box to your advantage.


In an age where one can find reviews and feedback regarding every product and service, it makes sense considering those. Moreover, it can be an interesting part of shopping online. Go through multiple recommendations and reviews of people who have already used the product. This will help you in deciding whether this is the right one for you or not. Positive reviews can majorly influence your decision and help you in making the right choice.

Moreover, by going through the reviews before making a purchase, you will be aware of the products that you have to stay away from. There might be a few litter boxes that are not worthy of investment. So, make sure that you are confident about your choice instead of picking a box that will be just a waste of money.


When you are buying a product for your feline, try not to experiment so much. If you are aware of a quality brand, try to get most of the products of that brand. Undoubtedly, the self-cleaning litter box is a great invention. However, there surely will be a few brands which will not serve the purpose as much as other boxes would. In such cases, it is recommended to stick to renowned manufacturers.

Do not go for the cheapest product or the box that pops on top of the list. Do a thorough research so that you know which the manufacturers that you can rely on are. Along with giving you peace of mind, your pet won’t face any difficulties in using the self-cleaning litter box.

There are brands such as PetSafe and Purina who have been providing some of the best products for felines. So, why not stick to the usual instead of trying out a cheaper and more attractive looking litter box. Do not confuse yourself and go with manufacturers that are genuine and trusted.


There are no doubts that you should provide your furry pet with the best of everything. Even when it’s about self-cleaning litter boxes, get the best that is available in the market. However, it is not necessary that the best will be the most expensive. You don’t have to empty your pockets just so your bet can be comfortable. In such cases, go with the affordable options that are available to you.

However, make sure that you do not go straight to the cheapest option. Instead of saving money, that might end up being a wastage. Do your research properly and keep in mind the options that are in your budget. The right choice will not only satisfy your pet, but it won’t be a burden on you either.

The size and maintenance

It is essential to check the size of the litter box that one needs for their cat. The litter boxes will be available in multiple sizes. It is important to purchase the litter box of a size which can be adjusted in the house without an issue. It is also crucial to purchase a little box depending on the number of cats that you have. If you have more than one cat, consider buying a litter box that is big in size and can fit a couple of pets at a time at least. Measure the space before buying the litter box to ensure that it fits in the intended space.

Even though it is a self-cleaning litter box, it will require some sort of cleaning. The owners will have to empty the waste compartment at least once every week and clean the tray regularly. So, make sure that you are purchasing a litter box that is easy to clean and does not make much noise or attract a great deal of attention. Go with a box that actually eases out your task instead of making it difficult.

5 Best Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes For Cats

#1 Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box has a lot of aspects in its favor. The litter box is one of the most affordable options available to the cat owners. The litter box is available for a basic price of $47, which will do the job perfectly for you. Moreover, even the customers who have used the self-cleaning litter box have great reviews about the product. Unlike most other fancy self-cleaning litter boxes with a timer or sensor, Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box caters to all the basic requirements that a cat owner has with a litter box. Also, there is no need to change the batteries or plug it in for power on a frequent basis.

One can simply use Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box and roll it to the side. By doing this, the owners will be able to separate the waste of the pet with the rest of the litter without any issue. This litter box is quite easy to use due to the pull-out tray that holds the waste. By simply rolling it, one can clean the box. You will not have to manually scoop the waste which includes clumps of feces and urine. The product is user-friendly, and almost all sizes of all breeds can fit in the box.

The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box has a privacy hood. Therefore, your shy furballs won’t have any issue in using the litter box. The product comes in a couple of sizes which can fit cats of all sizes. The larger of the two can fit multiple cats at a time. So, if you have more than one cat at home, Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box will be the perfect option for you. The box is available in multiple color schemes, and the sleek design makes it better for owners who are in search of self-cleaning litter boxes. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box is the perfect choice for those who are looking for the best in a tight budget.


  •       No filters or power required
  •       Available in small and large size
  •       Includes a privacy hood
  •       User-friendly


  •       Does not help with the odor

#2 PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is a product that is automatic and reduces the tasks of owners majorly. The litter box has an automated scooping system which makes it perfect for young as well as aged cat owners. Due to the number of features that are included in this litter box, the price is quite high. The product has a fully automatic scooping system which is easily adjustable, and it can clean for up to two weeks at a time.

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is a product that most cats will easily adjust to. There have been multiple reviews for the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box and owners have really appreciated the manufacturer for including the automatic scooping system. The litter box also sucks up the odor and ensures that there is no foul smell around the house. However, some of the reviews have claimed that the litter box does not have the best system for absorbing urine. The product has a price tag of $160, which can make it out of budget for some owners. But, those who can afford PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box will definitely see the difference in quality. The litter box offers a cleanup system that is hygienic as well. With all the features and functionalities of the litter box, the price tag is worth it.

Since the box has an automatic scooping system, the owners have to simply throw the disposable tray after a period of 20 to 30 days. However, if a number of cats are using the litter box, you should replace the tray after every 10 to 15 days. The owners have to plug the litter box into an electrical outlet for the rake system to work. The system also comes with a privacy hood, which makes it one of the best options for owners who have a high budget for the cat’s self-cleaning litter box.


  •       Privacy hood
  •       99% dust free operation
  •       Available in multiple colors
  •       Has a built-in usage counter for effective monitoring


  •       The litter box is expensive

#3 PetSafe Deluxe Crystal Cat Litter Box System

The previous option might be expensive for a lot of cat owners. However, the PetSafe Deluxe Crystal Cat Litter Box System can be the best budget choice for owners who are in search of self-cleaning litter boxes without having to spend a fortune. One of the best advantages of using this self-cleaning litter box by PetSafe is that it has one of the best odor control systems. The litter box is available for a basic price of $60, and with the features and functions of the box, there might not be a better option for those who are looking to have everything in a budget.

The box has an automatic system as well, and it makes it simpler for the owners to maintain the house and look after their furry pets. Owners will not have to clean it for weeks, and it has one of the best odor systems because of the special crystal litter. However, the owners will have to spend some extra amount on the special litter box. However, with the best features, PetSafe Deluxe Crystal Cat Litter Box System is worth the buy. The box uses disposable trays which you will have to replace after a few weeks. Moreover, the automatic scooping system makes sure that you won’t have to scoop the waste manually. This rake system can be quite beneficial for cat owners of all ages.

When compared to other litter boxes, PetSafe Deluxe Crystal Cat Litter Box System has a 5 times better odor control system. One can also use to pee pad for up to a month without having to replace it. The size of the product is 18 x 14 x 9.5 inches, which makes it perfect to fit multiple cats at a time. PetSafe Deluxe Crystal Cat Litter Box System is a great buy, especially for those who have a single cat and have a tight budget for an automatic self-cleaning litter box.


  •       Available in multiple colors
  •       99% dust free operation
  •       Integrated sensors for the safety of your cat



  •       Can’t fit too many cats at a time

#4 Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Cat Litter Box System

The Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Cat Litter Box System has one of the easiest systems to use out of all the top picks for the best self-cleaning litter box. It is the most high-tech litter box available in the market and offers the owners with great features. The litter box is quite easy to maintain and has a unique all in one system. Cat owners have the option to purchase two different types, one which has an open system and another one with a hooded system.

The Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Cat Litter Box System does not require the owners to scoop on a daily basis, which makes it easier. Moreover, the pee pad has to be cleaned after a few days. Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Cat Litter Box System is the perfect choice for those who are looking to use the litter box for multiple cats. It is the perfect investment for cat owners who have difficulties in operating other high-tech litter boxes.

Purchasing Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Cat Litter Box System will be a good investment for all the cat owners as it fulfills all the requirements and makes sure that no owner faces any issue. However, even though the litter box is supposed to control the foul odor, there is still some smell that is produced from it.


  •       User-friendly
  •       Easy to dispose of pads
  •       Easy to scoop pellets
  •       Anti-tracking litter pellets



  •       Small litter size
  •       Cats need to be familiarized to the box initially


#5 So Phresh Sifting Cat Litter Box

For the owners who find it really difficult to scoop their cat’s waste, this is a perfect choice. So Phresh Sifting Cat Litter Box is not a fully automatic litter box though. However, the litter box can be used for almost every type of litter, and the cleaning process is quite simple. One can easily clean the litter box in a few minutes. The litter box also has a top rim which is included to help the owners to contain the excess mess. However, the top rim did not help the owners much. In this price range, So Phresh Sifting Cat Litter Box is one of the easiest automatic litter boxes to use.

The three tray stacking system of So Phresh Sifting Cat Litter Box helps the owners to dispose of the waste without any issue. The middle layer is the sifting tray, and the system works with almost every type of breed. One of the advantages of using So Phresh Sifting Cat Litter Box is that there is no added expense of a special liner, unlike most other litter boxes. So Phresh Sifting Cat Litter Box allows the owners to clean the box easily. The sifter tray, which is in-built makes it quite easy for the owners to separate waste without having to scoop. The size of the litter box is 19.8 x 15.1 x 9.5 inches. The litter box has a very basic price tag of $25, which makes it a worthy purchase for all the cat owners. Moreover, with the simple 3-step cleaning process, So Phresh Sifting Cat Litter Box will prove to be a great buy.


  •       Easy to clean
  •       Lightweight design
  •       Can be placed anywhere
  •       Affordable



  •       The plastic used can be flimsy compared to other litter boxes


There are different variants and brands available in the market for self-cleaning litter boxes. Thus, deciding on one might not be that easy a task for you. Hence, the idea is to consider certain aspects and then, whichever fits your criteria the best, go ahead with that one. The most common aspects to consider would be ease of use, size, affordability, noise level, and processing time. Prioritize the aspects which you find apt and then, buy the perfect self-cleaning litter box for your lovely cat.

Also, don’t expect your little pet to get used to the new product instantly. It is going to take a bit of time for the feline to get acquainted with it and start using it. Make it adapt to the new item slowly. Once your cat is used to the product, there is nothing better than that! You can now have a fresh smelling house at all times without having to worry about cleaning your cat’s litter every once in a while. Enjoy playing with your little feline and give it all your love while it plays around and keeps you happy too!