Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder Review

(Update 20th June, 2018: This product is currently not available until further notice)

Product Overview

Here’s what you get in the box after you purchase;

  • Main Feed and Go unit
  • AC/DC adapter
  • User’s manual

Product Description


This automatic pet feeder is fully programmable with a platform from which you set and program feeding schedules. It connects to your wifi and you can control it from your iOS or Android device.

Food type

The smart feeder is suitable for both dry and wet foods.


The Feed and Go Smart pet feeder dish serves 1 cup. The feeder has six bowls that serve food, when filled, the feeder therefore carries upto 6 cups.


This feeder can dispense a maximum of 6 meals a day but you can set it to dispense 3 meals on 3 compartments and, a treat or even medicine using the remaining 3 bowls.

Feed Now

While away from home, you can log into the online portal and click the “Feed Now” option to quickly feed your pet or reward with a treat.


An inbuilt webcam connected to your smartphone enables you to watch over your pet as it feeds when you are away from home.

About the bowl

There are six cup sized trays in total that rotate in anti-clockwise motion to dish out food at your set schedule. The tray has been made from well researched plastic to protect your pet from chin acne.

Audio Recording

Feed and Go Smart feeder allows you to record your voice which gets stored in the feeder so that when it’s time for your pet to feed, it’s you voice they hear calling them to eat.

Online Platform

The Feed and Go Smart feeder has an online platform where you can control, regulate, set schedules or even reward your pet by offering a quick meal outside of the feeding schedule. This platform can be logged onto through any iOS or Android mobile device, or your PC.

Wireless Connectivity

The feeder connects to your Wi-Fi during initial set up, and henceforth you can then control it from any mobile device away from home by logging onto the Feed and Go online portal.

Product Features

  • The feeder dispenses upto 6 cup-sized (8oz) meals a day or through a set period of days.
  • Internet connectivity allows it to easily integrate into your smart home.
  • Control the feeder from any location using the online portal via internet.
  • You receive notifications via sms, twitter, Facebook or email if your pet is about to fed, or has been fed, depending on how and when you want to be notified.
  • The webcam feature allows you to watch over your pet as it eats.
  • The audio recording feature (plus microphone) records your own voice calling the pet to eat.
  • Option to feed your pet extra meals or quick treats by logging into the portal and clicking “Feed Now” option.
  • The product ships with 1 year warranty.
  • The feet’s rubbers keep it from being moved by the pet.
  • The locking mechanism is extremely tamper-proof to protect the food.
  • If you buy more than one feeder you can control all of them from one online account.
  • The feeder is powered by a standardised USA AC/DC adapter.
  • The food tray can be easily removed for washing.

Setting up the feeder

To set up the feeder, you need a wireless router or LAN Ethernet cable, an AC power socket, the feeder itself, and a computer or mobile device. Press two buttons located on the front of the feeder at once to open the unit up, then take off the paper below the tray. There is a power jack located at the back of the feeder, connect this to the AC outlet using the power cord. Now, following the user manual connect the feeder to your home internet. Set up your online Feed and Go portal using your computer or mobile device and you are set to go.

How it works

The smart feeder dispenses food by rotating it’s tray anti-clockwise upon which, one of the 6 compartments slides into the open with the food. To open the feeder when you need to add more food into the trays, just press the two pressure-sensitive buttons simultaneously and the whole compartment opens up. It will lock itself back if there isn’t activity for a period of 20 seconds.

The webcam can be controlled from the Feed and Go online platform. You can, for instance, just call your pet over to see it by tapping an option on the platform called “Call my Pet over”.

The audio recording and microphone features enable you to record your voice which will call the pet over to feed. You can discard a recording and record another if you want to change it.

When internet connectivity isn’t available, or your internet is having a bad day, the feeder still dispenses food at the normal schedule irrespective of the internet performance as long as your feeder is powered on.

The Online Feed and Go Platform

Here is what you can do after setting up your account at Feed and Go (www.feedandgo.com):

  • Edit your profile and settings.
  • Set a recurring schedule for your pet
  • Instantly reward your pet by giving it a quick treat outside of the set eating program.
  • Edit or change your pet’s eating schedule.
  • Watch your pet through the webcam as it feeds.
  • Call your pet over just to see it via webcam, not necessarily feed it.
  • Receive notifications through email, sms, Twitter or Facebook when your pet is about to be fed, or has been fed.


The Feed and Go smart pet feeder is a much needed introduction of our pets into the smart home system. In this time and age, connectivity and automation are taking precedence in every industry around the globe. Feed and Go ensures that this connectivity doesn’t leave the pets behind. The ability to control the smart feeder while you are away from home is perhaps this feeder’s most ground-breaking innovation.

Setting up your pet feeder and connecting it to the internet is quick, as is setting up an account on the online Feed and Go platform. In fact, while following the manual and managing to fumble here and there because you missed an instruction, you will still manage to get the whole system up and going in under 30 minutes.

The platform is an ingenious approach to availability. It gets rid of doubts in many ways. First, the webcam ensures that you see that your pet has indeed eaten its food. However, that’s not as important as the satisfaction it provides when you can actually see your pet in the course of a long day when you aren’t at home. With the webcam you don’t have to worry about your pet anymore, even when you are gone for a day or two, you will still see your cat or dog, and be relieved at the knowledge that nothing bad has happened to them.

The audio recording and microphone feature is also an attempt by Feed and Go to ensure your pet never goes a day without hearing your voice. The whole point is that every time the pet goes to eat, it is your voice they hear calling them just as it would have been when you are at home. This microphone feature also creates consistency, and pets love consistency. That’s why they won’t give you peace if you can’t give them their meals on time, using the same signals they are used to.

Another advantage of the Feed and Go smart feeder is that the tray provides the versatility you need from a pet feeder when your pet is sick or undergoing medication. On one of the 6 tray compartments, you can have it’s medicine there and at a stipulated time, the pet will surely take it. It doesn’t have to be all food, a treat or medicine can be scheduled as well.

Most automatic pet feeders don’t allow you to feed your pet both wet and dry food, but Feed and Go does. With this feature, pets that have stomach upsets after eating too much dry food can now have an interchange in meals, where they eat one wet food and two dry foods. Or even better, there are pets that react to dry food, and in this case they can eat the wet foods.

The customer service provided by this company is exemplary. And that is a good thing considering the price of the product. In fact, in most cases, after you receive your product the CEO will call to see if you are satisfied with what you bought and if you are facing any issues setting it up.

As usual, no product is perfect. First of all, the online platform is not very appealing. It isn’t bad either, it’s just a tad bit less appealing than first class platforms which we are so used to interacting with nowadays.

Secondly, in this time and age, surely a mobile app should have been developed for the mobile devices seeing that this product banks so much on its online platform and internet connectivity. As it stands, even when you are on mobile, you have to log into Feed and Go through a browser.

Lastly, the webcam quality isn’t top class, and for a pet feeder at this price point that could be improved. However, this isn’t a question on how the webcam functions, it works really well and you can actually see your pet, but the quality of the video feed could be much better by using higher quality webcam.

What to watch out for

  • It is recommended not to leave wet foods in the feeder for periods longer than 24 hours.
  • This pet feeder is powered by electricity. You might have to get an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) as backup if you experience a lot of blackouts.
  • This smart feeder is appropriate for small, medium-sized and large dogs as well as cats of any size due to the large cup-sized eating trays.


The smart feeder is an excellent attempt at automation and connectivity with our pets. The webcam and microphone features are a result of very well thought out ideas and implementation. The smart locking system protects the food from pets that might want to break in and the online platform is the icing on the cake. With the six trays, the pet feeder provides an array of flexibility in feeding your cat or dog, and even treating a sick pet by having the ability to provide medication. This smart feeder works exactly as advertised and at the price point, the customer service is deservedly very top notch and the team at Feed and Go is quick to answer and reply to queries or help out with product issues, very rare occurrences with such quality build. The price is a bit steep. However, the product is a very unique one too. What you receive is a quality product for the right value and obviously, a future happier pet and pet owner.

Buy Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

The smart feeder is an excellent attempt at automation and connectivity with our pets.

Good Things

  • Works best for all cats and dogs.
  • The process of setting up is easy and fast.
  • It allows you to feed your pet up-to 6 meals that can be spread out in minutes, hours or days.
  • It has a smart locking system that keeps cheeky pets away from the food.
  • Webcam ensures you can watch over your pet and verify that it has eaten.
  • Sound recording and microphone features ensures your pet hear your voice calling them to eat.
  • Online platform allows you to control your feeder from any location away from home.
  • Pressing two buttons at the same time to open unit ensures pet will never break into the food tray.
  • You can integrate medicine into your feed schedule if your pet is sick thanks to the six compartments.
  • The feeder still works even when the internet connectivity is lost.
  • You can interchange between wet and dry food for your pet.
  • The online web interface is smooth, fast and responsive.
  • If it is unplugged, once it’s plugged back it regains programmed schedule in under 2 minutes.
  • Eating tray is made from plastic that doesn’t cause acne/allergies on the pet’s chin.
  • Ability to control more than one unit from one Feed and Go account.
  • 1 year warranty coupled with excellent customer service from the company.

Bad Things

  • You need the internet at home and where you are in order to control it from anywhere.
  • The webcam quality could be improved.
  • The user interface on the online platform could also be better.
  • If you experience too many power outages, you need a power backup.
  • No cooling system so you have to refrigerate the food before putting into the feeder for it to last longer.
  • No mobile app, online access is via browser.