home remedies for cat with diarrhea

Home Remedies for Cats with Diarrhea

Dealing with your cat’s illness is a big concern for pet owners. Many owners take their pets to the vets for solving their cats’ stomach upsets. If your cat experience diarrhea, there are different home remedies, which can treat your cat with diarrhea. It is important to monitor your cat’s conditions when treating your pet with stomach issues. Not following the tips carefully would result in dehydration, weight loss, weakness, vomiting and many more.
Maintaining your cat’s diet is very important in keeping the immune system going and ensuring a healthy lifestyle of your indoor pet. Many issues cause cat diarrhea such as food allergies, parasites, viruses, toxins, cancer, hyperthyroidism and bacterial overgrowth. These causes of diarrhea develop symptoms in which you have to notice your cat’s health at the time of diarrhea.

Symptoms of Cat’s Diarrhea

How would you know whether your cat has any signs of diarrhea? There are definite symptoms if your cat is going through diarrhea. Such common symptoms include:

  • Mucus or blood in the stool
  • Loose or watery stools
  • Worms in the stool
  • Accidents in the house
  • Vomiting
  • Frequent number of stools
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Abdominal pain
  • Weight loss
  • Lack of sleep

To keep your cat healthy and in good condition, you need to follow these simple home remedies for cats with diarrhea.

The important tips mention below:

  1. Change your cat’s food

    The simplest tip to relieve your cat’s stomach upset is to change your cat’s food. As your cat grows older, your cat’s diet changes and so is the digestive system. Do make sure you have a word with your vet and follow the vet’s instructions on the food to take. At a certain duration of time. Try to follow the diet plan to avoid another stomach upset for your cat. One of the greatest remedies to eliminate diarrhea is to change your cat’s food.
    If you have recently changed your cat’s food and noticed, your cat has stomach upset. Go back to its previous diet you were feeding before. The reason behind this is that one or more ingredients may not suit well for your cat. Even if you have been feeding the same food brand and the same type of food. Some foods might contaminate to your cat’s stomach especially if your pet experiences any allergic reaction. To relieve diarrhea is to change your cat’s food.

  2. Encourage water and electrolyte intake

    The biggest issue of stomach upset is not drinking enough water. If your cat experience vomiting, your pet needs a sufficient amount of water to keep its stomach hydrated. Do make sure you keep your cat’s bowl filled with clean water and have an extra bowl containing diluted chicken or beef broth. One of the best ways to increase the water intake is to replace kibble with a canned diet.
    You can even mix warm water into your cat’s food. This will help to increase your cat’s water intake and so its electrolytes. The electrolytes are the most important nutrient in the cat’s body to keep the energy going. If you want to restore the electrolytes is to look for any cat food that contains electrolytes.

  3. Take probiotics

    Cats require a high number of bacteria in their digestive system to help in breaking down food. This breaking down of food is known as gut flora. To regain your cat’s diet is to take foods or supplements that contain probiotics to restore the levels of gut flora if they have been lost due to the time of diarrhea. When looking for probiotics, make sure you pick a product that uses for cats and recognized from a reputable pet brand. The best food that contains natural probiotics is to feed your cat with unflavored yoghurt.

  4. Let your cat rest

    This is an important tip for home remedies for cats with diarrhea. To relieve your stomach upset is to make sure your cat gets an adequate amount of sleep. You can let your cat do a few walks but with no excessive exercises, as this would worsen its digestive system. To make its sleeping pattern relaxing, you can use a calming pet bed. A calming pet bed is a great way to make a cat falling asleep. Do make sure your cat gets an efficient amount of sleep at the right time.

  5. Use low-fat diet

    Using a low-fat diet is a great remedy to relieve your cat’s diarrhea. Cooking a few meals that contain low fat will help to sort out your cat’s diarrhea. Such low-fat diet including a medication prescribed by your veterinarian like Purina EN, Hills I/D, Royal Canin Digestive Low Fat and others. To use a low-fat diet is to speak with your vet about taking low-fat medications.

  6. Cook boiled chicken breast with boiled rice

    Cooking a healthy meal for your cat is the greatest home remedy to treat your pet with diarrhea. All you have to do is to cook boiled chicken breast without any bones and seasoning with boiled rice. Then mix these two meals and feed your cat in small frequent amounts in each day. Try to mix in an equal amount so your cat receives the same amount of nutrients every day. If your cat does not like to eat chicken, you can replace chicken with cottage cheese or low-fat turkey or beef (both boiled). Do make sure you cook the meals at the right time to fulfil your cat’s hunger. If your cat cannot digest with boiled rice, you can go for rice-based cat foods.

  7. Consider blood protein supplements

    If your cat suffers, blood loss or has a weak immune system. It is the sign of weakness resulting in indigestion issues. To overcome this problem is to try to consider blood protein supplements. This is a rare remedy for cats but has become a useful product praised by many pet owners. To relieve your cat from suffering diarrhea is to consider using blood protein supplements. To know your cats’ level of blood in the body is to speak with your vet about considering blood protein supplements. If you prefer natural proteins, just stick to boiled chicken or beef.

  8. Avoid over the counter diarrhea products

    Using over the counter products only works well if you listen to the vet instructions on taking human medications to your pets. To be on the safe side, it is best to avoid taking over the counter medications unless you receive strict instructions by your vet. Over the counter medications are toxic which can do more harm than good to relieve your cat’s diarrhea. To save the lives of your cat’s illnesses is to avoid taking over the counter products and never give any human medications to your cat! Without the vet’s prescription.

  9. Reduce stress

    Stress is the underlying cause of diarrhea due to depression and anxiety. Even lack of sleep is the sign of stress when your cat is going through diarrhea. The best thing to relieve diarrhea is to reduce stress by taking a few walks outside the house or have some gentle exercises to heal stress. There are other ways to relieve stress such as getting a good night sleep or playing with your pet. This form of reducing stress will help to clear the build-up of loose stools. Try not to over-exercise your pet, as this would worsen the issues of diarrhea.

  10. Increase or decrease fiber intake

    Consuming fiber is the most important nutrient in helping your cat’s digestive system. This tip depends on the level of fiber intake in your cat’s diet. If your cat has frequent production of stool, this is the time for your cat to take a low-fiber diet. The best way to consume a low-fiber diet is to look for cat foods that contain 3% of fiber. When looking for cat foods, make sure the product labels as cats with ‘sensitive stomachs’.

    If your cat produces little stool, it is the sign of lack of fiber in its diet. To increase the fiber intake is to take laxative supplements. To use a high fiber diet is either to use Metamucil or canned pumpkin. These two ingredients are effective to relieve the number of stools. All you have to do is to feed your cat with either one of these intakes.

  11.  Use mashed potatoes

    If your cat does not like eating boiled rice. Using plain mashed potatoes is the best option to relieve your cat’s diarrhea. All you have to do is to boil and mash the potatoes to feed your cat with clean drinking water. Do make sure the mash potatoes have to be warm enough for your cat to eat so it digests easily down the system. To add more moisture to the potatoes is to mix mashed potatoes with water to increase the moisture content of the diet.

  12. Anti-diarrheal medications

    If home-cooked foods do not work out, you can opt for anti-diarrheal medications; again, this has to prescribe by the vet’s instructions. Since these kinds of medications are dangerous, it is best to take very little amount to heal your cat’s diarrhea. The more precautions you take, the better your cat will be. So beware of the medications it contains.

  13. Change the litter box regularly

    This is a rare remedy but a good way to keep your pet clean and free from the pungent smell when going through diarrhea. To maintain your cat’s health is to change the litter box regularly and make sure you clean the litter box before you let your cat uses it. If you notice your cat has worms or blood in the stool, this where you have to take your cat to the vet. To fix your cat’s stool problems is to refer to the tips above and try to see if it works on your cat. If you prefer a self-cleaning litter box, you can find the best self-cleaning litter box available.

  14. Disinfect your cat’s items

    Maintaining your cat’s hygiene is as important as treating its diarrhea. To keep your cat and your house clean is to disinfect your cat’s bedding, food items, pet bed, jerseys, and food bowls. The main possible cause of diarrhea is the infection. To avoid the infection onto your hands is to keep your isolated and wash your hands after handling your sick pet.

Monitoring your Cat’s Condition

Whatever the home remedies you choose, it is important to check and monitor your cat’s condition. If you feel your cat’s stomach upset is improving, then your cat will regain its health soon and will be in a good condition. If you have tried these remedies at home and it does not work on your cat, you need to fix an appointment with your vet.
The vet will go through some definite examinations of your cat. Such screening tools your vet will use are:

  • Blood tests
  • Endoscopy
  • X-rays
  • Medical trials
  • Food trials
  • Ultrasound
  • Physical examination

These tools will help you to find out the underlying problems of your cat’s stomach upset. Then your vet will give some treatment and advice for your pet.

When monitoring your cat, try to observe your cat’s behaviour when it comes to diarrhea. Do follow one of these home remedies above and do notice the adverse reaction on your cat. Make sure you monitor its eating habits and try to notice any sounds your cat makes.


Here are the useful tips for home remedies for cats with diarrhea. You can each home remedy requires care and attention for you to ensure a pain-free stomach relief for your cat. It is crucial to keep your cat safe and healthy from illnesses. If you follow these home remedies carefully, your cat will relieve its stomach upset. Do observe your cat’s condition when treating its diarrhea. It is your responsibility to take care of your cat and its proper health to live in a happy lifestyle. Your cat will never get another stomach problem. You will never get concerned about dealing with your cat’s diarrhea.

So follow one of these home remedies for cats with diarrhea and take good care of your cat’s stomach!

The more you care, the better your cat’s condition will be!