Removing Cat Dandruff

Home Remedies For Cats With Dandruff

Since the body of the cat is covered by hair, it can easily get dandruff. Dandruff refers to dried out or dead skin cells which can be caused by allergic dermatitis. This allergic condition refers to any element which can make the skin of your cat to be scaly, itchy and dry. However, you should not confuse dandruff with dander. Dander comprises dead skin cells and the saliva of your cat while dandruff occurs due to abnormal itchy or dry skin.

Obviously, your cat may not be worried when it sees dandruff but it’s good if you try to find out the causes so that you can treat this issue. Remember if you do not treat dandruff, they can make your cat be uncomfortable such that it starts to scratch his/her raw skin. This can increase the risk of getting infections through the skin and the underlying cause might become severe.

Causes of cat dandruff

There are so many issues which can cause cat dandruff. Some of the common ones are:

  • Poor nutrition

Poor nutrition can increase the chances of your cat getting dandruff. For instance, foods that do not have enough omega 3 nutrients can lead to flaky and dry skin. You can discover that you are not feeding your cat good food by looking at the condition of its skin and hair.

  • Health conditions

Dandruff can also indicate that your cat is suffering from a medical condition such as:
Sunburn- If you like leaving your cat outdoors, then it can be exposed to sunlight. This can lead to sunburns especially if your cat has a thin and light-colored coat.
Obesity- If your cat has a lot of weight, then fats deposits on the skin can trigger dandruff.
Feline diabetes- This usually occurs due to poor diet.
Bacterial infections can also lead to dandruff.

  • Hydration

Inadequate hydration can also lead to cats dandruff. Although cats do not drink a lot of water, it does not mean that you should starve them with water. In fact, if your cat does not drink enough water, then its skin can start dry. Dehydration can also be caused by environmental conditions. For instance, many cat owners have found that dry air can affect the coat and skin of cats.

  • Allergies

Cat dandruff can also be caused by allergic conditions. For instance, your cat can be allergic to certain foods or environmental weather conditions such as a cold. If you get in touch with your veterinarian he/she can inform you of the possible issues which can be triggering allergic reactions for your cat.

  • Parasites

Parasites such as mites, worms, fleas are also some of the things which can lead to dermatologic reactions or dandruff. This is because the bites from mites and fleas can trigger allergic reactions on the skin of your cat which can lead to excessive itching and dandruff. If you do not treat these parasites they can lead to serious health issues.

Signs of dandruff in cats

You can easily see the white flakes of dandruff in your cat and it’s very difficult for you to confuse them with danders which are smaller and are part of the natural process of shedding the natural skin of the cat. Some of the symptoms of dandruff are dry or scaly-looking skin. In case your cat has very thick fur, then you will have to look deep into the fur so that you can see the flakes. You can use a brush or comb to assist you in diagnosing dandruff since they will fall off as your groom your cat.

You can also realize that your cat has dandruff if it licks or itches excessively the affected areas. Your cat may also have inflamed, red skin patches due to overgrooming of dandruff.

Home remedies for cats with dandruff

To find the best home remedies for cats with dandruff, you will have to do trial and error treatment since cats do differ. However, if you understand the common causes of cat dandruff such as the ones highlighted above, you will be at a better position in deciding the best natural treatment. Some of the most effective home remedies for cat dandruff are:

1. Washing your cat

One of the best ways you can remove flaky dandruff is by washing your cat using hypoallergenic pet shampoo. However, you must find out if your cat is able to agree for you to bathe it. If bathing your cat can lead to unnecessary stress then you can try other methods. For instance, you can scrub the back of your cat gently using a damp cloth so that you remove flaky skin.

2. Increase water intake

Many cats are likely to get dandruff since they are stubborn in drinking water from the bowls that you may designate for them. There are so many ways that you can use in tricking your cat to drink enough water. Some of the best ones which you can adopt are:
Avoiding giving your cat dry food by switching to one which is wet. If there is the higher water content in the canned food, it can assist your cats to be more hydrated without them realizing it.
You can also use a pet water fountain. This flowing stream can satisfy your cat by drinking water from moving sources. The fountain can also make water to be appealing to your cat.

3.Changing the food of your cat

It might be simple for you to change the food of your cat compared to administering supplements regularly. You can buy high-quality cat food like fish oils which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. This can assist your cat to have a shiny coat and healthy skin. Many dry foods may not have enough amount of omega 3 fatty acids, that is why you should add fish oil or foods which have this food nutrient. The main reason why omega 3 fatty acids are recommended is that they have strong anti-inflammatory features.

In case you find it difficult in getting this food in local grocery stores you can look for them online or pet stores by searching “home remedies for cats with dandruff”. However, you must know that many of these foods do expire quickly, therefore you should buy them in smaller quantities.

You must also know that you may upset the stomach of your cat by changing its food especially if it has a history of stomach issues or frequent vomiting. One of the best ways of changing the diet of your cat is by mixing a small amount of the new food with normal food. You can continue by increasing the ratio so that your cat gets used to it. High-quality cat foods should contain little or no carbohydrates, good fat, a lot of proteins, and other vitamins required by cats.

4.Regular grooming

Grooming can stimulate the hair and skin of your cat so that it starts growing in a healthy manner. This is why you should start grooming your cat regularly using a comb or a soft brush. When you brush your cat, the bristles of the brush or comb will message the skin, thereby making the blood underneath the skin to circulate well. This will re-energize the hair and skin health.

5.Investing in humidifier

In case the flaky skin of your cat is caused by dry air, then you can buy a humidifier so that it offers appropriate moisture which can assist in keeping the skin hydrated and free from dandruff. If you suffer from cold weather allergies or dry skin then you can also benefit by having a humidifier at your house. Just ensure you buy a humidifier that you can afford and does not take a lot of space.

6.Using aloe vera

The pulps which are extracted from aloe vera can make the cells of your cats to regenerate well. It can also relieve itching due to its refreshing effect. It can decrease any inflammation which might have emerged by the cat scratching itself excessively. You can extract the pulp directly from the aloe vera plant. In case you cannot access this plant, then you can use a pure aloe vera gel which is used by human beings for medicinal purposes.

7.Reducing environmental stressors

Cats can be stressed especially when they are exposed to some physical reactions. Some of the things which can stress your cat are:

  • When you move to a new home.
  • Renovations
  • Moving furniture around the house.
  • New family members.
  • In case you think your cat might be stressed by sudden changes into their regular routines, then you should try to keep your house quiet and calm.

8.Reduce sun exposure

Since dandruff can be caused by sunburn you can minimize such exposure. In many cases, it’s the cats that have thin fur or light-coloured skin which have a high likelihood of being affected by sunburns. To minimize this you can offer shade for your cat and encourage it to stay out of the sun especially when the weather is too hot. If you are not around to remove your cat from the hot sun you can keep it indoors.