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How To Make A Cat Tree

Cats tend to feel more comfortable when they are sitting at height as climbing is something they enjoy. Also, they do it out of instinct. If you look back at the history of cats, you will notice that they have always been “tree climbing mammals.” In case you have been looking for cat trees to provide a safe place for your cat to act out this instinct or liking, we have something for you! To provide a viable alternative to the exceedingly expensive cat trees, here is this article that explains how to build a cat tree by yourself in a few uncomplicated steps:

How to make a DIY cat tree?

Here are the steps to help you on how to make a cat tree systematically:

Step #1: Put your idea on paper

As a cat parent, you have probably figured out that each cat has extremely distinctive personality traits. This will help when it comes to putting your design to paper because you will know what your furry little feline prefers best. Once you have a rough design, you can proceed to make a neat diagram of it to get a better idea. This is the first and most important step that needs to be done correctly to ensure you proceed in the right direction for further steps.

Step #2: Gather your materials

Based on your design, try to decipher what materials you would require completing this project. Our ideal list of materials for how to build a cat tree is as follows:

  1.   Hammer and nails
  2.   Drill
  3.   Wood screws
  4.   Strong Adhesive
  5.   Utility Knife
  6.   Carpet form tube
  7.   Handsaw

Step #3: Cut your materials and Build your base

Once you have all your materials, you can proceed with measurements and cutting accordingly. Do so with utmost care and precision. Use your handsaw for all the cutting and remember to sandpaper all the rough edges to make it perfect and smooth.

After you have done all this, build your sturdy base. The trick regarding this is to use two pieces of plywood and stick them together. These pieces have to be broad to prevent the cat tree from being unbalanced. Carpet the base when you are done with it.

Step #4: Add vertical supports and Horizontal perches

Start with covering your supports with carpet, and then proceed to drill holes in the base to insert the nails and screws through. Take a nail or screw and drive it through the vertical support for it to be secured correctly. In case you desire to have one vertical support double as a scratching post, wrap a rope around it and glue it in place.

The horizontal plywood perches can be attached in the same way as mentioned above, and you can add as many as you would prefer according to your design.

If you sense that you won’t be able to go through the whole ‘how to build a cat tree’ process, you can use reasonable alternatives. Few popular alternatives are using a ladder to build it, discovering how to make a cat tree designs which are ready-made, etc. Either way, there are multiple easy to do methods that will help you complete this task and in turn, build something beautiful and personal for your beloved feline.