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12 Things Every Cat Owner Should Know

Cats have many characteristics that everyone loves for example they are cute, friendly, playful, inquisitive, loving, cuddly and they are incredibly judgmental. There are also some things about cats that only cat owners can understand and some of those things are totally gush-worthy like purring and some of those things can be totally disgusting like pooping in a box somewhere in your house. These and some other cat’s characteristics create the special experience of being a cat parent.

No one adopts or purchases a cat with the hope that the cat will misbehave, destroy the house or hide poop under the bed. Every time you enter into a relationship with a cat or someone, you always have expectations of sharing a good life together. Most often we are the ones who mess things up and we are quick to blame the cat but we also don’t follow through on our part.

Besides the basics, for example cats pledging eternal love and devotion, supplying endless treats, snuggles and scratches, there are funny and super weird things that cat owners ought to understand.

1. You are always covered with cat hair

Trying always to keep your clothing free of cat hair definitely isn’t worth the effort anymore. After so many attempts of lint rolling, purchasing special vacuum attachments and avoiding dark colored clothing, you just have to stop caring. When your clothes are covered in your cat’s hair, it’s like taking your cat with you wherever you go, which many cat owners find it sweet, right?

2. You should stop putting any item on any surface

Cats will knock any item off of literally any surface. Need to set up a stylish vignette on your coffee table? Don’t, your cat will squash each of your interior decorating dreams. Need to put some fresh flowers on the kitchen counter? Think again. Left your phone close to the counter’s edge? I hope you invested in phone care.

3. Cats can stick their butt on your face

Cat owners get close and personal with their cat’s butts often. Despite this being a bit gross, it is actually a good thing if your cat sticks her butt in your face because it means she likes you.

4. Hide the toilet paper from your cat

If you buy the bargain brand or decide to invest in the cushiest toilet paper out there and if you want to avoid being stranded in the toilet without a toilet paper, then you should know it’s very vital to hide your toilet paper away from your cat.

5. Cats can sleep constantly the whole day except from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m

Sometimes it seems like cats are snoozing in a sunny spot on the floor constantly. Approximately one to three hours before your alarm clock is supposed to go on, that is when she likes to get her daily exercise, scratch at the walls and climb on your face.

6. You always Forget Your Cat Is Literally Pooping in a Box Somewhere in Your House

Humans sometimes would never think about pooping in a litter box unless in a situation that is very dire. It is totally acceptable for your cat to poop in a box somewhere in your house and leave it there for you to clean up.

7. Your Cat Loves Cardboard Boxes More Than His Expensive Bed

People spend such a long time choosing the perfect bed for their cat. Some read thousands of reviews, chose organic cotton that would never irritate his skin and maybe even add some cat-sized throw pillows, so that he would feel a little extra comfortable and it is also stylish. But whenever an order arrives, your cat makes it very clear that a lowly cardboard box is like, one million times better than the comfortable bed you worked so hard to pick out.

8. Your cat eats better food than you

You may want to eat whatever mass produced and some conventional food that is on sale at the grocery store. Your cat only eats food with the highest caliber, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic and raw sold at your market and may sometime throws it up on the area rug to show his appreciation.

9. You have to accept that the cat is a boss

You literally do everything for the cat including feeding the cat and cleaning its litter box and that means that the cat is the boss. Her favorite times include knocking items off of counters and floor, eating, sleeping, sitting on your laptop when you’re trying to work and meowing at things that are not there.

10. Cats Have No Sense of Personal Space

Cats put their butts in people’s faces to show them they like them. They give you zero personal space to show you they really love you, but also to remind you that they are in charge and they want attention. To avoid this, you should keep your cat entertained with toys.

11. You will Never Know if Your Cat Wants to Cuddle You or Bite You

There’s nothing better than cuddling on the couch with your cat until you make a single wrong movement and she freaks out, bites you and other cats in another room.

Love bites are another seemingly cruel way for cats to show affection. After a while, you will learn to brace yourself after a snuggle and purr session becomes biting.

12. Cats tend to scratch furniture

Cats have a natural need to scratch and it’s actually a very beneficial behavior physically and emotionally. Many new cat parents assume the behavior is just the way a cat sharpens his claws but it’s more complex than that. Take the time to learn about the importance of the behavior so you won’t be misled into having your cat declawed.

Cats do like to scratch, so make sure to invest in a cat tree, unless you want the cat to scratch and destroy your furniture. Cats use their nails to scratch. You could sprinkle catnip on the scratching post and watch her get down to scratching post.