Top 5 Animals that are best to pet

When a family decides to have a pet the choice of this must be taken in a conscientious way and taking into account different aspects.

“You should never buy an animal for a simple whim of the child, if you know that they will not receive the necessary care.”

You also have to take into account the holiday time. Every year thousands of animals are abandoned when these dates approach. At the time of acquiring a pet, you have to know what will happen to us some years and well, you are looking for a place to go on vacation where they admit animals or stay with a relative or daycare for pets.


Having a pet at home has many advantages for children, including the following:

  • It has been shown that children who live with animals have a lower risk of allergies.

  • The pets become familiar with the natural functions of living beings and have a faithful friend to play with and care for.

  • Assigning tasks related to the care of the animal, will help you understand the sense of responsibility.

  • There are assisted therapies with animals and also helps to release stress. The simple act of petting an animal causes the body to release endorphins reducing stress and anxiety.

But you also have to bear in mind that having a pet is an economic expense and should be valued before making the decision to have it (feeding, cleaning, veterinary, etc.).

What are the Top 5 Animals that are best to pet?

The choice of the pet will depend on what the family wants. You have to take into account aspects such as space, time available to take care of the animal, the budget, and the age of the children or the character of the animal.

Some of the best pets for children include: dogs, cats, rodents such as hamsters or guinea pigs, rabbits and fish.

1. Dogs

Dogs are sociable animals and seek human companionship. In addition, they are easy to train and can learn tricks, which greatly amuses the little ones in the house.

If you opt for a dog, it is preferable that it be a large dog. Very small dogs are very fragile and the child can hurt them when they try to catch it or play with it.

On the other hand, these animals are those that require more care, such as:

  • They need to leave the house several times a day.

  • They cost more than other animals.

  • They can not spend much time alone, like when we go on vacation.

  • It is necessary to brush and bathe regularly, especially those with long hair.

2. Cats

Cats do not require as many care as dogs and therefore, many families prefer to choose these animals. Cats are very friendly and seek the company of their owners. But generally, they are more independent animals.

When these animals do not want to play, do not insist and do not tolerate rough treatment. However, if the child is soft and delicate and is able to understand the character of the cats, they can become a good pet.

3. Rabbits

The rabbit as a pet has become fashionable in recent years and many families have opted for this pet.

This animal can live in a cage and does not require much space. However, it is advisable to take it out daily to play and run around the house or garden a bit. It can be caressed and picked up and can be very affectionate.

4. Fish

The fish may be the easiest to care for and maintain. Therefore, they can also be a good option if you want to introduce the animals little by little in the family.

There are thousands of different fish, with a variety of colors and shapes. But for young children the most common is the beta fish, which can live alone and is very striking.

5 – Guinea pig

Guinea pigs are small animals and live in cages. They do not require much care and can be a good choice as the child’s first pet. In this way, you will learn to be responsible by feeding and cleaning daily.

They are intelligent, curious and playful animals. In addition, they are easy to manipulate and are perfect for small apartments or flats.

These animals reproduce easily, so it is recommended that you buy only one, or that they are of the same sex.


Having a pet at home can have many advantages. However, we must be aware of the care and needs of animals, as they are not a toy to play with for a few hours.

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