Top 5 Best Cat Water Fountains

Have you considered buying a cute cat water fountain for your little feline? Just like us, cats also need to be kept hydrated to maintain their health and different body functions as well as metabolism. Thus, they also need fresh water every day. They need water for the same reasons as we do; that is, to remove toxins from their bodies and keep them healthy, happy and hydrated.

And, to keep the water fresh for the cats, cat water fountains are the best option! These fountains make use of good quality water filters that purify the water, remove the dirt from it and thus, make it better in taste and healthier for the cats. Cat water fountains are the perfect solution to improve their drinking habits and keep them hydrated!

List of best cat water fountains:

If you are confused as to which would be the best pick for your beloved cat, here are the 5 best cat water fountains we found to make your selection easier:

1.Pecute Cat Water Fountain

Pecute Cat Water Fountain is amongst the best outdoor cat water fountains because of its extravagantly fantastic features. Here’s what makes it an ideal one:

  •       4 outlets of water to ensure better oxygen content in the water
  •       A 3-layer filtration process
  •       Water capacity of 1.6 litre
  •       3 exciting ways for the furry one to consume water: from the stream that is falling freely from the outlets, from the lower bowl or from the upper one as well
  •       Made from environment-friendly ABS material; BPA-free
  •       Amazing muted shock-absorbing design

2.Catit Flower Fountain

What makes Catit Flower Fountain fir for the list of the best cat water fountain? Here are the features that make this one an exciting product for your furry pet:

  •       It pushes only pure and filtered water on the surface for the cat to drink
  •       A 3-litre water capacity
  •       3 exhilarating flow settings- calm streams, gentle, and a bubbling top.
  •       Dual action filter that eliminates calcium and magnesium from the water, which are harmful substances for the cat, when consumed in water.
  •       Energy efficient in nature
  •       BPA-free material

 3.Cat Mate Pet Fountain

Cat Mate Pet fountain certainly deserves to be amongst the top product choices when we talk about best cat water fountains because of its filtration features and classic design. Here’s what makes it worth a buy for your pet:

  •       Attractive drinking options- 1 pool + 2 waterfall streams
  •       A polymer/activated carbon filtration tool that can be replaced to keep the water pure and fresh
  •       Convenient Isolated Pump System which is noise-free
  •       Water capacity of 70 ounces
  •       Safe for usage; consumes less power

4.PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Cat and Dog Water Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell platinum Cat and Dog Water Fountain is one of the popular choices of pet parents looking for an indoor water fountain for their lovely little pet. Here’s why:

  •       Convenient water capacity of 160 oz.
  •       A replaceable carbon filter to keep the water odour-free and pure
  •       An adjustable pump to control water flow for the pet
  •       A free-falling water stream
  •       Eco-friendly, BPA-free material

 5.Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer w/Microban

The feature that makes it one of the best products in the market is its budget! The product is one of the cheapest ones available in the market with features such as:

  •       New gravity flow technology
  •       Has Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection to prevent bacteria from growing in water
  •       Charcoal filter for purification
  •       Water capacities that range from 0.5-4 gallons
  •       Available in vibrant colour variants

Each of the above-mentioned cat water fountains has something special about them that makes them stand out from the rest. All these products are popular and you, as a pet parent, can pick the one that suits your requirements the best! Each of these products has the perfect material, size, filter, design as well as technology. Have a look at them and purchase the one that you find suitable for your cute feline!

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