Why Get an Automatic Food Dispenser for Your Cat

Why Get an Automatic Food Dispenser for Your Cat?

Our cats have a lot on their plates, from chasing tails to enjoying a well-deserved nap. However, one action they never fail is begging for food even if you already fed them. Likewise, we, too, are busy – another conference call?

With the termination of limitations, most workers will be returning to their offices to resume work. If you will not be home to monitor your feline’s feeding patterns, try using an automated pet feeder. It will do the job and provide your kitten with daily meals while at work.

However, they are more than just meal servers. Here are five essential facts about automated feeders that you may not be aware of:

1. Schedule Meals Ahead Of Time

An automatic cat food dispenser serves coherent quantities of food at periodic intervals. This allows you to spend a night or a weekend out without having to send your feline to a shelter or bribing a friend to look after its meal times.

An automatic food dispenser is a far more practical alternative than leaving other food out, expecting that the cat will manage it alone, or feeding them a more significant piece when you return. This can lead to discomfort, obesity, or other health problems in your cat.

2. Suitable For Dry And Wet Foods

When thinking about automated food dispensers, you typically imagine a dry pellet dispenser. However, were you aware that they can accommodate both? Despite dry food being popular, moist food is a good hydration source. Dry food typically has 10-12 % water, whereas moist food contains 75-78 % water content.

Some dispensers use ice packs to keep the food fresh. Cleaning these feeders is also not difficult. Modern feeders come with detachable, dish-washer-safe bowls. As soon as the kitty is done eating, you can wash the bowl like you would wash your dishes.

3. It Will Help You Get Along Well With Your Feline

We all relate to working over time, having unexpected plans, being stuck in traffic. Yet we cannot explain such situations to our routine-loving creatures. Since abrupt changes can trigger anxiety in your cat, a solution to your hectic schedule would be an automatic cat food dispenser.

However, more importantly, it can strengthen your relationship with your cat by freeing you from the feeding schedule. Furthermore, by saving time calculating out exact meal servings, you will have time to spend with your kitty doing pleasant things. So, if you have ever cried out, “I am far more than a meal distributor,” now is your chance to shine!

4. It contributes To Excellent Health

You must monitor your kitten’s weight exactly how you would do for yourself. According to Cats Protection, one in every five cats has gained weight due to the pandemic. An automatic feeder can help you avoid overeating and promote stable growth and development by calculating meals for the cat at periodic intervals.

Pet feeders help maintain your pet’s weight, whether at home or on the go. They also benefit felines with diabetes or on special diets. Variable quantities are released at particular epochs, or a specific amount can also be dispensed over a long period, depending on the situation.

5. Most Of Them Are Battery-Powered

If you are considering a stay but are concerned about a power outage disturbing the feeder’s settings and depriving your pet of its meal, do not be! Since many automated pet dispensers are battery-powered or have a battery replacement, power outages will not affect them.

Your kitty will still get its much-anticipated dinners. This also eliminates the need to accommodate your automatic food feeder placement around the house, especially if the closest socket is in a high-risk area for being knocked over during the kitten’s daily walks.

In that respect, you will be happy to learn that most automated dispensers can be secured to a wooden plank for added stability. Furthermore, they are entirely pet-proof, ensuring that inquisitive paws are kept at bay.


While we homo-sapiens need liberty in the aftermath of the epidemic, our pets depend on schedule and stability; thus, a programmed cat food dispenser could be the ideal solution.

You can prevent the concerns mentioned above by selecting a suitable automatic cat feeder. Using a pet feeder, you can provide fresh food, medicines, and snacks to your pet.